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We have the world's biggest shopping collection of fish emblems for your car! Evolve emblems, Darwin emblems, Science emblems, Peace Emblems, Flying Spaghetti Monster Emblems, Pirate Fish, Gefilte Emblems... these are the perfect response to the various Christian and 'Jesus' emblems on the back of fundamentalist vehicles. All emblems are proudly made in The USA! and although they appear to be metal, they are a durable lightweight plastic that easily attaches with the 2-way tape on the back. Display your freethinking emblems with pride!

EvolveFISH car emblem Evolve fish darwin fish atheist auto plaque car emblem  Evolve fish auto emblem freethought humanist Evolve Fish Silver Emblem Price: $6.00 Evolve Fish Silver Emblem
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EvolveFISH! As a car emblem, its available in plastic, or metal with chrome plating ($13 more) , two different sizes and with a tape attachment or a small magnet backing. Plus we offer the design on caps, stickers and more. sticker format, also a cap, a vinyl cut-out sticker and also a lapel pin

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Darwin emblem plaques car emblem darwin fish atheist emblem Darwin Fish Emblems (car plaques) Price: $8.50 Darwin Fish Emblems (car plaques)
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The classic Darwin Fish 5" x 2" emblems (car plaques) come with 2-way tape for mounting on cars or other smooth surfaces. For a removable design, purchase our magnetic backing.  See our Darwin T-shirts!

TRex  emblem dinosaur eating christian fish atheist shirt humanist shirt atheist T-Rex Emblem Price: $9.50 T-Rex Emblem
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Here we have T-Rex eating a suspiciously Christian-shaped fish. Even gigantic carnivores need a healthy lunch to continue evolution! Kids like this one because it looks like the dinosaurs they love. Religious zealots like it because they can see a critter just like this at the Creationist Museum! approx. 5-1/2" x 3-1/2"
dawkins a emblem out campaign car emblem dawkins richard Dawkins Red A Emblem Price: $6.00 Dawkins Red A Emblem
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We are proud to offer the infamous "Dawkins A!" This symbol of the "Father of Atheism" is being used with increasing frequency as a symbol of the Atheist movement. The red A, looking similar to the Scarlet letter, is a brave statement of non-belief. To read more on the Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason, click here. Emblem measures 3" tall by 3.25" high. Bright red heavy duty plastic with black frame. Magnetic backing not available for this item.
FSM car emblem flying spaghetti monster plaque sticker shirt fsm shirt atheist humanist atheism science religious parody fsm Flying Spaghetti Monster Emblem Price: $9.50 Flying Spaghetti Monster Emblem
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The Flying Spaghetti Monster A new creation deity for a new century! Blessed be his pastaness. Have your car and life touched by his noodly appendage with this awesome emblem! And don't forget, he boiled for your sins!

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science emblem darwin fish science fish atheist fish sticker car plaque science badge emblem plaque atheist science Science Fish Emblem Price: $7.00 Science Fish Emblem
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Here's a Science fish for those of us who have evolved way beyond our earthly realm. The Science emblem has rocket fins to help steer him during his warp-speed journey to the stars. Without science we'd still be eating raw meat, sleeping in caves and reading Bibles. Dimensions: approx. 5-1/4" x 2-1/2"
cthulha monster emblem car plaque atheist darwin fish cthulhu evolvefish darwin fish car plaque emblem shirt sticker button Cthulhu Emblem Price: $7.00
Cthulhu was a fictional cosmic entity created by horror author HP Lovecraft in 1926, first appearing in his short story "The Call of Cthulhu." It is often cited for the extreme descriptions given of its hideous appearance, its gargantuan size, and the abject terror that it evokes. So be afraid!
EvolveFISH atheist darwin fish humanist  freethought  darwinfish atheism symbol car emblem evolve emblem badge plaque car Evolve MINI Silver Emblem Price: $6.00
Overstock sale! Here is the little version of our best selling EvolveFISH! This is the design that started it all, available in a fun-size 3" design. Looks great on the backs of cars with its big brother/sister.
darwin fish car emblem darwin car fish emblem plaque badge atheist  car  darwin fish plaque emblem badge sticker button Darwin 3 inch Magnetic Emblem Price: $16.99
This adorable little Darwin emblem measures 3" in length by 1.5" in width and comes with a button-style magnet on the back. Perfect for a fridge or filing cabinet, it's sure to express your freethought views!
As of April 30, 2014, we are not sure if, or when, we will be able to ship these items. We will only process orders for ONE item, and will notify you via email when it will ship. Sorry for this problem, we are "praying" for a resolution.
toxic car emblem symbols of religions spelling toxic atheist  coexist symbol humanism toxic symbol shirt sticker flag emblem Toxic Emblem Price: $7.00 Toxic Emblem
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Our Toxic emblem features symbols of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam embedded in the letters, communicating the destructive forces of these religions. Shiny silver finish; emblem measures approximately 2" x 5".
E-Humanist.png Happy Humanist Emblem Price: $6.00 Happy Humanist Emblem
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This is the classic Happy Humanist emblem in silver coated plastic, with a strip of sticky tape embedded on the back. This design is also available in a vinyl cutout sticker and lots of other products! Dimensions: approx. 4" x 2".
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atheist atom symbol atheism car emblem badge atom with A humanist car atheism freethought godless american atheist atom symbol Atheist Atom Emblem Price: $7.00
The American Atheist Atom Symbol available as an emblem! In full silver metallic finish, the emblem measures 3.5" in both length and width, and properly showcases the symbol in exquisite detail. Read more about American Atheists here, and be sure to click on the image for more information on this historic symbol. Magnetic backing not available.
procreate emblem darwin mounting christian fish atheism humanist atheist godless religion nonbelievers atheist procreate Procreate Emblem Price: $9.50 Procreate Emblem
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Well, what can we say? I guess evolution will always overtake creation mythology! Literally, in this case... Dimensions: approx. 4-1/2" x 2-1/4"
circle atheist car fish plaque atheism atheist symbol international circle a atheism humanist logo atheism car plaque shirts Circle Atheist Emblem Price: $6.00
The Circle Atheist Symbol emblem measures 3" in diameter with shiny silver metallic finish. It is being used with increasing frequency as an inclusive symbol of the Atheist Movement.
FishNChip emblem darwin fish car plaque like evolvefish atheist religious parody Fish and chips fishnchips car emblem plaque Fish 'n' Chips Emblem Price: $7.00
This emblem is good fun, and it's a big hit with our British friends. Add mushy peas, salt 'n' vinegar, and serve with a big pot of tea - delicious! Dimensions: approx. 5-1/4" x 1-3/4"
vampire car emblem atheist zombie related humanist Vampyre/VampireEmblem Price: $8.00
Vampyre Emblem. Yikes - here's our newest Fishy emblem, and it has a taste for blood! This one might indicate the real motivations of those creepy folks with Jesus fish emblems on their cars. Now lean over, I vant to suck on your neck.... Dimensions: approx. 5-1/4" x 1-3/4"
act of god insurance certificate vandals vandalism fish killers atheism car plaque replacement humanist  godless Act-of-God Insurance Certificate Price: $5.00
Insurance against "Acts of God?" Our policy really does protect your emblem from acts of god and his minions. We will replace any emblem that suffers divine assault. Even better, framed and hanging on a wall, it makes a great conversation starter. (8.5 x 11 inches)
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E-GefilteSm.png Gefilte Fish Emblem Price: $7.00
For those who don't know, "Gefilte fish" is a Jewish ethnic food made from white fish. These days it is sold in a jar and served at ceremonial meals. Think of it as turkey with dressing and gravy. Best when made by a real Jewish grandma... mine made the best ever! Dimensions: approx. 5" x 2-1/4". Also available as a vinyl cut-out sticker.
magnetic emblem oval backing strip fish emblems Magnetic Backing for 5-inch Emblems Price: $1.00
This Magnetic Backing strip will fix your emblem onto a file cabinet, refrigerator, computer case, metal vehicles, almost anywhere! Some folks have magnetized emblems last on cars for years, others only a few weeks - be sure to read additional info by clicking on product title, which will include how to order varying shapes for use on other emblems.
E-RastaNewSM.gif Rasta Emblem - New Style Price: $6.00
Rastafarian Emblem. Smokin'! This newly designed classic is tougher than our previous one, and is sure to generate looks wherever you put it!
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