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We have the world's biggest shopping collection of fish emblems for your car! Evolve emblems, Darwin emblems, Science emblems, Peace Emblems, Flying Spaghetti Monster Emblems, Pirate Fish, Gefilte Emblems... these are the perfect response to the various Christian and 'Jesus' emblems on the back of fundamentalist vehicles. All emblems are proudly made in The USA! and although they appear to be metal, they are a durable lightweight plastic that easily attaches with the 2-way tape on the back. Display your freethinking emblems with pride!

shark seafood ocean diving divers surfers Jaws teeth bite Shark Emblem Closed Mouth Price: $9.50
Sharks are popular with people who love to make a statement. Sometimes it's a reflection of how they see themselves, or it might speak of how they see their christian neighbors behaving. Some are bought by christians to express their own ultra-agressive style. And some of us just like sharks! (click on the picture to see information about using this emblem with a magnetic backing) Dimensions: approx. 5" x 2"
E-Phish.png Phish Emblem Price: $8.00
All you Phish heads rejoice!!! This stylish emblem is a great way to show appreciation to beautiful music and warm feelings. A generous five inches long and three and a half inches tall, this bad boy is ready for a sun-lit park gathering of some very mellow folks. What are you waiting for? Get this emblem and go out "phishing".
E-Peace.gif Peace Emblem Price: $7.00 Peace Emblem
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The classic Peace Sign! A chrome-looking 2.5 inch version with peel & stick tape to attach it. Designed to represent the semaphore signal letters "N" and "D" for Nuclear Disarmament. It is THE emblem for the VW Bug!
Peace Flag anti-war old glory stars and stripes Iraq Iran Afghanistan oil empire NeoCons PNAC AIPAC CFR emblem Peace Flag emblem Price: $7.00
Acrylic red, chrome and blue Peace flag with an adhesive pad on the back. The bright colors and chrome really make this emblem stand out. It's a great way to show everyone that peace is patriotic! Dimensions 4-1/2" x 2-3/4" (11.4cm x 7cm)
veggie car emblem vegitarian response "Veg" Vegetarian Emblem Price: $7.00
This design comes to us from a Vegetarian Buddhist in California. A happy green tailed, orange carrot proudly proclaims that there is "plenty to eat without choosing meat." Emblem measures 5" long. For more information on a vegetarian lifestyle, please click here.
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