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We have the world's biggest shopping collection of fish emblems for your car! Evolve emblems, Darwin emblems, Science emblems, Peace Emblems, Flying Spaghetti Monster Emblems, Pirate Fish, Gefilte Emblems... these are the perfect response to the various Christian and 'Jesus' emblems on the back of fundamentalist vehicles. All emblems are proudly made in The USA! and although they appear to be metal, they are a durable lightweight plastic that easily attaches with the 2-way tape on the back. Display your freethinking emblems with pride!

E-SushiSm.png Sushi Fish Emblem Price: $7.00
For all of our friends who enjoy their fish in the raw, this one is for you! (As well as those of us who only have a kitchen because it came with the house...) Dimensions: approx. 4-3/4" x 2"
Reality Bites eating Darwin truth fish emblem Reality Bites Emblem Price: $8.00
At last, a humorous response to the Darwin-eating Xtian fish. Not too sharp, but accurately pointing out the progression of events. Dimensions: approx. 4-3/4" x 1-7/8"
Happy Shark Red White Blue USA Patriot surfer Red-White-and-Blue Happy Shark Price: $7.00
The most patriotic predator in the seas is already licking his chops after devouring another small backwater fish. Available in limited amounts, so grab yours while you can. Show those fishies who's the top dog, while still being proud of where ya lay your cartiledge. Dimensions: approx. 6" x 3-1/2"
ReplaceFeetSticker12.png Replacement Fish Feet Vinyl Sticker (6-pack) Price: $2.50
Has your evolved fish been the victim of a hate crime? Was it left limping with one or no legs? Fix it with new vinyl feet! We're now offering replacement legs for all your fish. In the event of deformity, or simply an evolutionary throwback, these feet will give your fish the mobility it needs. Sold in packs of six pairs, these attractive silver vinyl feet will fit snugly and permanently under any emblem.
E-RepubEmblem.gif Republican Party Emblem Price: $3.00
This is no mistake! Check out this guy... he is showing his true "colors"... wearing crosses where his stars should be. Just when did the Grand Old Party become God's Own Party? We recommend displaying this one upside down because some elephants SHOULD become extinct. Dimensions: 3" x 2"
Sales Shark emblem salesman dealer fish car plaques Sales Shark emblem Price: $6.00
Sales Shark emblem. Pssst - wanna buy a brand new shark emblem? Try our easy terms: 100% deposit, nothing else to pay! Roll up, roll up, get 'em while you can! This emblem has a matte (duller) stainless finish instead of the high gloss metal look. Dimensions: approx. 6" x 2.5"
E-SatanFishSm.png Satan Fish with Horns Emblem Price: $7.00
This one's sure to get incredulous looks from the righteous folks in the SUV behind you at the stop lights! Dimensions: approx. 4-3/4" x 2"
E-JesusWalkingFeet.gif Jesus with Feet emblem Price: $7.00
A simple difference from the Christianized original, this 5" long emblem has evolved with legs. Now if the religion as a whole would elect to evolve as well...
E-ScubaSm.png Scuba Fish Emblem Price: $7.00
BACK IN STOCK! The latest entry in the FISH wars. This interesting fish is wearing a scuba tank and fins. Some people may not see this as a religious symbol...but to the preacher complaining about members of his flock avoiding Sunday services to go diving, this is the mark of the devil! Dimensions: approx. 5-1/4" x 2"
Surfer Shark emblem car plaque fish Surfer Shark emblem Price: $6.00
Surfer Shark emblem. This sporty shark decided to take up surfing! Maybe life in the ocean left him feeling a bit board.... Dimensions: approx. 6" x 2.5"
Angler Shark fishing ocean car plaques emblem Angler Shark emblem Price: $6.00
Angler Shark emblem. Some fishermen only go after the biggest catch! Haul one of these aboard your truck before you head out to sea again! Dimensions: approx. 6" x 2.5"
Tuna Fish Emblem Tuna Emblem Price: $7.00
You knew this one had to come along sometime. This fishy emblem is certified 100% dolphin-friendly! Dimensions: approx. 5" x 1-1/2"
E-UfoSaucer.png UFO Saucer Plaque With 2 Figures Inside Price: $8.00
Hey guys, if you're planning a landing, take me with you! Who knows, maybe it's actually a beacon designed for attracting aliens! Dimensions: approx. 5-3/4" x 1-3/4"
cuttle fish plaque atheist science evolution cuttlefish Cuttlefish Emblem Price: $7.00
The eggs have hatched and a new school of cuttle fish emblems are now available! We didn't want to let them lose into the wild until we had the approval of The Digital Cuttlefish. Now that they have been approved, you can order yours today. Don't worry about the small size shown here; yours will have matured to a full 6 inches by the time it arrives.
Ying Yang symbol religious idea freethought atheist humanist Sunday assembly  humanism Yin Yang Emblem Price: $8.00
The power of attraction - of opposites, of course! Great symbol for balance and healing. Diameter: approx. 2-1/2"

yoda emblem auto car star wars humanism atheist star wars yoda Yoda Fish Emblem Price: $6.00
Strong, the force is. Fight the dark side, we will. Enforce with wisdom and patience, as I have. On cars, this goes. Buy one, you must! The soft upturned smile appearance of this Yoda emblem spreads peaceful vibes. Dimensions: approx. 5" x 1-3/4"
Zuni Bear Emblem Native American strength healing protection Zuni Bear Emblem Price: $7.00
This is the Native American Zuni Bear emblem, symbolizing strength, healing and protection.
Silver on black, 4-1/2 x 2-3/4 inches (11.4cm x 7cm).
shark seafood ocean diving divers surfers Jaws teeth bite Shark Emblem Closed Mouth Price: $9.50
Sharks are popular with people who love to make a statement. Sometimes it's a reflection of how they see themselves, or it might speak of how they see their christian neighbors behaving. Some are bought by christians to express their own ultra-agressive style. And some of us just like sharks! (click on the picture to see information about using this emblem with a magnetic backing) Dimensions: approx. 5" x 2"
E-Phish.png Phish Emblem Price: $8.00
All you Phish heads rejoice!!! This stylish emblem is a great way to show appreciation to beautiful music and warm feelings. A generous five inches long and three and a half inches tall, this bad boy is ready for a sun-lit park gathering of some very mellow folks. What are you waiting for? Get this emblem and go out "phishing".
E-Peace.gif Peace Emblem Price: $7.00 Peace Emblem
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The classic Peace Sign! A chrome-looking 2.5 inch version with peel & stick tape to attach it. Designed to represent the semaphore signal letters "N" and "D" for Nuclear Disarmament. It is THE emblem for the VW Bug!
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