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darwin fish car emblem darwin car fish emblem
Darwin Fish Emblems (car plaques) Price: $16.66 |
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Inspired by a Greek love goddess, usurped by a Roman cult, and explained and classified by Charles Darwin, some uneducated people confuse them with 'fish'. But they really aren't 'fish'... Fish don't have feet!
These Darwin fish car emblems come with 2 way tape to hold them to painted metal, chrome, glass, or other smooth surface (they are usually applied as a car plaque). These are also known as car badges. The 3" magnets have a .75" button style magnetic backing for indoor use.

Due to changes in the supply chain for this item, we may not be able to get a re-supply for several weeks, or months. Because of that we have increased the price to slow down sales. Once supply is restored, we'll drop the price..