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Cuff Links - Great way to brighten a business suit

Cufflinks can turn any suit into a real class act, plus they show an above average mastery of life! Cuff Links can also display a love of science, humor and irreverence for religion and other common forms of ignorance. They are a sharp way to close off the cuff of your high priced long sleeve shirt or suit and are seen by many as a mark of success, earned or expected! Perfect for your son's new job on Wall Street, or making an impact on your open minded date when you take her to one of those "Jacket Required" restaurants!
DNA Cufflinks double helix chromosomes spiral dna jewlery atheist cuff links fancy dna jewlery DNA Cufflinks Price: $17.95
DNA Cloisonne Cufflinks. This is a pair of gold-colored double helixes with colorful enamel to be worn with pride! OK guys - it can dress up any boring suit and show you have a fun side, as well as show you are a man of intelligence! So flaunt it! Dimensions: 1" x 3/8" Choose from the traditional colored enamel on gold tone (shown), or cufflinks that are entirely golden.
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J-HumCerCuffback.gif Humanist Ceramic Cufflinks Price: $42.00
We are proud to now offer Happy Humanist Cufflinks. These are hand-made by a California artisan in strong ceramic and mounted on silver findings. They measure .75" in diameter and feature a black humanist on a light gray frame and dark gray backing - stunning, especially with the hint of silver surrounding it. The ceramic has been glazed for a beautiful gloss finish.
J-DawkinsACufflinks.gif Dawkins A Silver Plated Ceramic Cufflinks Price: $42.00
Dawkins A Cufflinks. These are hand-made by a California artisan in strong ceramic and mounted on silver findings. They measure .75" in diameter and feature Richard Dawkins' signature red A on a rich black background. The silver findings frame them beautifully. The ceramic has been glazed and has a high-gloss finish.
J-DNA3DHelixCuff.gif DNA 3D Helix Cufflinks Price: $55.95
DNA Helix Cufflinks. These cufflinks are sure to make a bold statement! The helix measures .75" long and .25" wide and have standard cufflink fittings. A substantial piece of craftsmanship, they are an excellent choice for scientists, teachers, freethinkers, and anyone who values biology! This set of two silver tone cufflinks come in a velvet gift box.
pirate fish FSM flying spaghetti monster global warming argh matey cufflinks cufflink Pirate Fish Cufflinks Price: $15.00
Here are an adorable set of Pirate Fish cufflinks! For those gentlemen who are partial to worship of the Noodly Appendage (or for the women who love those that do) these are perfect! Pay tribute to Pirates, the Favored Ones of His High Noodlyness. Pirate measures .75" long by .5" wide. Silver tone with black enamel.
J-FSMcufflinks.png FSM (Flying Spaghetti Monster) Cufflinks Price: $15.00
Here are Flying Spaghetti Monster cufflinks perfect to adorn your favorite dress shirt! Show your Pastafarian support and be touched by His saucy benevolence. The FSM measures 1" long by .5" high. Silver tone with black enamel.
atheist new symbol at alliance freethought @ jewelry cufflinks men mens man Circle Atheist Symbol Cufflinks Price: $12.00
The circular atheist symbol is being used more and more as an all-inclusive symbol for the Atheist Movement. These high fashion cufflinks measure .5" and come in your choice of gold or silver tone finish. To see the silver version, just click on the image. A note to any guys who may be picking these up for themselves: pick up the matching earrings for your best gal!
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