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Come enjoy our wide selection of mints, candies, and gum for all your liberal, piratical or irreverent occasions.
M-LastSupperMints.gif Last Supper After Dinner Mints Price: $3.00
These marvelously mighty mints are perfect for cleansing your mouth of the bad taste left by religion - or even beer & pizza! Tin measures 3" x 1.25" and contains approx. 100 peppermint flavored mints.
M-Sin-O-Mints.gif Sin-O-Mints Price: $3.00
Deliciously strong cinnamon flavored mints in an amusing and reusable tin. Celebrate the lil devil in all of us! Tin dimensions measure 1.75" square x .5" high (4.45 x 4.45 x 1.27 cm).
M-CthulhuMints.png Cthulhu Mints Price: $3.00
We're just speculating here, but it would seem that a hideous, tentacle-faced monster like Cthulhu could have some seriously nasty breath. Perhaps if he just had a tin of these mints he might have a more positive attitude? Each 2.25" (5.7 cm) round tin contains about one hundred peppermints.
Enlighten Mints Enlighten Mints Price: $3.00
Engendering minty epiphanies and other related phenomena. Well, these sharp little peppermints will certainly clear your head, and rid your mouth of bad tastes! Tin measure 1.75" square.
M-AtoneMints.png AtoneMints Price: $3.00
One small mint and you will be absolved of bad breath! And any other sin you deem worthy of committing. Peppermint flavor. Tin measures 1.75" square by .5" high (4.45 x 4.45 x 1.27 cm).
EmpowerMints Empower Mints Rosie the Riveter EmpowerMints Price: $3.00
Get that 'power surge' you've always craved, with the refreshing taste of these great little peppermints. Go Rosie! Tin measures 1.75" square by .5" high.
M-AntiEstablishmintsLarge.png Anti-Establish Mints Price: $3.00
Viva La Freshness! Show your independence against halitosis with these powerful mints in a Delcroix tin. Le Yum! Peppermint flavored mints in a 1.75" by .5" high tin.
Forbidden Fruits Sour Apple Candy Forbidden Fruits Sour Apple Candy Mints Price: $3.00
A taste of original sin in tantalizing sour apple! Go ahead, take one; you know you want to! Comes in a brightly colored tin that is 1.75" square x .5" high (4.45cm x 1.27 cm).
Messiah Mints jesus christ holy Messiah Mints Price: $3.00
Holy fresh breath, here's Jesus - and this time he's spreading minty freshness into the mouths of the masses. He can't feed the 5,000 with this cute little tin of peppermints, but you'll enjoy them! Tin measures 1.75" square.
M-PalinEmbarMints.png Sarah's Embarrassmints Price: $3.00
Just knowing that the rest of the world sees her face splashed all over the television representing this country makes us shiver! She's a gun-toting, bible-thumping, tea-party favorite that seems to have no shame. Next time someone needs a mint, hand them Sarah's Embarrassmints and get a giggle! Peppermint flavor. Net weight is .4 oz; tin measures 1.75".
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