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Come enjoy our wide selection of mints, candies, and gum for all your liberal, piratical or irreverent occasions.
mints candy mint jewish holiday hanukah hanukkah chanukah judaism Meshuga Mints Price: $3.00
Holy Meshuga! These crazy strong mints in a clever new tin will be sure to hit your punim with a klop! But beware, they're shtark! Tin measure 1.75" square.
M-Punishmints.gif Punishmints Price: $3.00
Not for the faint of heart! Enjoy the pleasure and pain of these intense cinnamon flavored mints. Tin measures 1.75" square by .5" high.
M-AfterTeaPartyMints.png After the Tea Party Mints Price: $3.00
Attending a tea party rally will definitely leave a bad taste in your mouth! It will take a strong mint to take it away. Try our "After the Tea Party" mints to help get that "what-the-hell just happened?!" aftertaste out of your mouth! Tin measures 1.75" square.
M-DisappointmintsLarge.png DisappointMints Peppermint Mints Price: $3.00
For those Liberals who are disappointed in some of the things happening in Washington, we present this option: Disappointmints in traditional Obama campaign colors. Collectible tin reads: This is Change? alongside Obama's famous portrait. Peppermint flavor. Net weight is .4 oz; tin measures 1.75".
M-AntiGravity.png Anti-Gravity Mints Price: $3.00
Anti-Gravity Mints. Just one of these sharp little peppermints will have you believing you can fly like a super-hero! No more waiting for hours in crowded departure lounges, just take off on your own and fly, fly away! Tin measures 1.75" square.
mints candy mom mother breath freshener fun gift Mother's Little Helper Mints Price: $3.00
Strong little peppermint candies are sure to help Mother put some pep in her step! Because we know all Mom needs is some mints, then she can conquer anything! Tin measures 1.75" square by .5" high.
mints candy gag gift peppermint breath freshener tin Morning After Mints Price: $3.00
It's always a good idea to keep a tin of these on hand for those mornings when you want to forget what you did the night before! Strong peppermint flavor works to get that stale turpentine taste out of your tongue. Tin measures 1.75" square by .5" high.
mints candy gag gift peppermint breath freshener tin Before, During, and After Sex Mints Price: $3.00
Anytime is a good time to get busy with these mints! Peppermint flavor (peppermint provides natural relief for headaches, by the way!). Decorative tin with Kama Sutra imagery; measures 1.75" square by .5" high.
Einstein's Relatively Strong Mints E=MC2 Einstein's Relatively Strong Mints Price: $3.00
Einstein's Relatively Strong Mints. Even if you haven't won a Nobel Prize for physics, these peppermints will awaken the forward-thinking scientist in you! Besides, we always thought that E=MC2 meant Eat More Candy - twice as much! Tin measures 1.75" square by .5" high.
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