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We have hundreds of progressive buttons and badges; liberal buttons, environmental buttons, rainbow buttons, patriotic buttons, peace buttons, and pro-science designs for freethinkers of all shades and persuasions. All of our buttons are proudly made in The USA! Display 'em with pride!

B-UUChalice.gif UU Chalice, button Price: $2.00
The UU Chalice in colorful hues on a navy background. Display your inclusive faith with pride!
America Deserves Healthcare Not warfare button medical insurance HMO co-payments pre-existing condition bankruptcy America Deserves Healthcare Not Warfare button Price: $2.00
America Deserves Healthcare Not Warfare button.
B-350International.gif 350 logo button Price: $2.00
350 logo button. Here's the logo of the global movement campaigning for radical energy policy change. Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and getting CO2 levels back below 350 parts per million is the #1 issue facing mankind. Failure to act swiftly could make our childrens' future very bleak. Diameter: 1-1/4"
B-YouTeachGay.gif You Can't Teach Gay/Naturally Button Price: $2.00
You can't teach gay, it just comes naturally. This full color 1.25" button clearly states the plain truth: homosexuality can be taught no more than genius or disability. It simply is. Great for gay pride festivals! Extraordinary color with the traditional inverted triangle in beautiful rainbow color.
B-JesusLovesCondom.gif Jesus Loves Me But I Still Make Him Wear a Condom, Button Price: $2.00
A colorful button guaranteed to get you some interesting double takes! Promote freethought and safe sex at the same time! Button measures 1.25" diameter.
B-StopHatredEndRel.gif Stop the Hatred. End Organized Religion button 1.25" Price: $2.00
Using passages from their "holy" book organized religion makes hatred a BIG business. Sure, hatred will still exist without them, but with them it becomes a contagious virus passed on from person to person. Stop the spread of hatred by putting an end to organized religion.
dinosaur science paleolithic eating christian fish evolution trex t-rex tyrannosaurus T-Rex Dinosaur Button Price: $2.00
One of our most popular images is now available as a button! Science trumps religion in this display of the mighty T-Rex devouring the Christian superstition symbol. Measures 1.25" in diameter.
Stop Muslim Violence Against Women button Islam mullah Sharia Law Stop Muslim Violence Against Women button Price: $2.00
Stop Muslim Violence Against Women button. Sharia Law regards women as lower than cattle, but without religion, this wouldn't be happening. Wouldn't it be great if roles were reversed, and the mullahs suddenly became the target of female aggression? Millions of Arabic women would love to make those beardy-weirdy guys wear burkhas instead! Diameter: 1-1/4"
B-In-Good-We-Trust-Quarter.gif In Good We Trust Button Price: $2.00
This button features a photo of a quarter that has been blurred so that the text, "In Good We Trust," is quite visible. A much more inclusive approach to the "In God We Trust" that is currently on our money. The American Humanist Association has used a similar image on their billboards promoting the concept. You can read more about it here. Diameter is approximately 2.25".
B-OhCome.gif O Come Let Us Ignore Him button Price: $2.00
O Come Let Us Ignore Him button. Here's one for disgruntled carol singers everywhere! In festive red, white and green, you can wear this xmas dissident's button with pride. Diameter: 2-1/4"
B-CanWeVote.gif Can We Vote on Your Marriage Too?, button Price: $2.00
Can We Vote on Your Marriage Too? It seems fair to me! Marriage is, at its core, a legal issue, not a theosophical one! The government issues the license, and on occasion the courts issue the divorce...why are we even having this debate?!
B-GodHatesButtons.gif God Hates Buttons, Button Price: $2.00
God Hates Buttons, Button. This humorous button is the epitome of an oxymoron! It is sure to make people either scratch their heads or laugh them off. Diameter: 1.25".
B-DontTouchJunk.gif Don't Touch My Junk, Button Price: $2.00
Sure to set off the metal detector, this is a great-attention getter at airports! Measuring 2.25" in diameter, it is big enough to be noticed. Also great for marches, protests, and any rights meetings! We also have this as a sticker. Click here to view it.
Question Those Who Don’t Question Authority button submit to power obedience Question Those Who Don't Question Authority button Price: $2.00
Question Those Who Don't Question Authority button. People who just do what they're told are a strange bunch. They bow down to imaginary sky creatures, vote the rich richer and themselves poorer, and are very easily led - and misled. Ya gotta wonder what motivates them.... Diameter: 1-1/4"
peace button language paco frieden hoa binh paz paix fred Peace Button Multi-Language 2.25” Price: $2.00
This clever, colorful button design has the word "peace" spelled out in several different languages, from French to Arabic. A great addition to any peace-promoter's wardrobe! Diameter is 2.25".
Keep Your Government Out Of My Medicare button teabag tea party right wing republicans dumb white trailer trash corporate pawns Keep Your Government Out Of My Medicare button Price: $2.00
Keep Your Government Out Of My Medicare button. Give this button to your clueless uncle who thinks he's smarter than you. But he's really a sheep who does and 'thinks' whatever Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck tell him to, even if it means working against his own interests. Duh! Diameter: 1-1/4"
B-InfidelArabic.png Infidel in Arabic Button Price: $2.00
This bold 1.25" button had the word Infidel in English along with Arabic text. Crisp black on red is sure to stand out. Show everyone that you are a revolutionary thinker!
I Support Medicare Part E for Everyone button access to treatment universal healthcare service HMO's CEO's big pharma I Support Medicare Part E for Everyone button Price: $2.00
I Support Medicare Part E for Everyone button. If it's good enough for seniors, then why isn't it good enough for all Americans? If Medicare covered everyone, we'd finally have a health service we could all be proud of. Diameter: 1-1/4"
B-feministhumanist.gif AHA Feminist Caucus Button Price: $2.00
This 1.25" button proudly displays the image of the Feminist Caucus for the American Humanist Association. It is interesting in that the image incorporates both the symbol for humanism as well as the symbol for "female" or "feminine." Click the image for more info on this organization! And click here to visit their website.
B-TheOnlySins.gif The Only Sins Button Price: $2.00
Diameter: 1-1/4 inches (3.18 cm) Freethought Button Political Button
Man Created God in His Image button creation Man Created God in His Image, button Price: $2.00
Man Created God in His Image, button. Hey, that's exactly right! Because why would a benevolent God allow any human suffering? Kinda blows apart the whole 'Creationism' thing, dontcha think.... Diameter: 1-1/4"
B-GodHatesFaqs.gif God Hates Faqs, Button Price: $2.00
God Hates Faqs, button. Here is a clever play on words; so often the Religious Right idiocally proclaims that "God hates fags," but as shown here His only real dislike is fact. Displayed on the symbolic rainbow background and measures 1.25".
Skeptic freethinker realist non-believer button Skeptic button 1.25 inch White on Black Price: $2.00
Skeptic button. Critical thinkers are the people who make the greatest discoveries, ask the questions that matter, and define the cutting edge of progress. Show the world you're one of this select band of thinkers, and not just another aimless believer, with this great new button! Diameter: 1-1/2"
Recycling Symbol button reduce reuse resources consumption destruction waste landfill Recycling Symbol button Price: $2.00
Recycling Symbol button. Here's a simple green-on-white button, suggested by a customer, with a graphic that works in all languages! Reduce, reuse and recycle. A simple mantra for consuming and destroying fewer of the Earth's precious resources. Diameter: 1-1/4"
B-TeachRespect.gif Teach Respect for the Earth and All Living Things, Button Price: $2.00
Teach Respect for the Earth and All Living Things, Button.
Dia: 1-1/2" (6.4cm). Political environment freethought button
B-Darwin.gif Darwin Fish Button Price: $4.66
Here's a simple image to change minds, educate and re-shape our society. This Darwin fish image will inspire discussions about science and the importance of its role in education and politics. Wear it with pride! Diameter: 1-1/4"
As of April 30, 2014, we are not sure if, or when, we will be able to ship these items. We will only process orders for ONE item, and will notify you via email when it will ship. Sorry for this problem, we are "praying" for a resolution.
B-IfIEverNeedRelChoc.gif If I Ever Need Religion I'll Worship Chocolate button Price: $2.00
If I Ever Need Religion I'll Worship Chocolate Button. Here's a button for sweet-toothed freethinkers! Because gorging on religious dogma can leave a really bad taste in your mouth.
B-CivilMarriageRight.gif Civil Marriage is a Civil Right, button Price: $2.00
The courts grant marriage licenses. So why is theology entering the debate?! Marriage is 2hearts + 2gether = 4ever. (Or at least until they decide they're tired of each other.)
No More Ultra-Violent Misogynistic Video Games Until You Clean Up That Room, Mister! button No More Ultra-Violent Misogynistic Video Games Until You Clean Up That Room, Mister! button Price: $2.00
No More Ultra-Violent Misogynistic Video Games Until You Clean Up That Room, Mister! button. This button is a wake up call for those who enjoy those "harmless" blow 'em up, beat 'em up, shoot 'em up games. Diameter: 1-1/4"
B-EarthDay.gif earth day environmental climate gaia Earth Day button Price: $2.00
Earth Day button, April 22. It's a huge global celebration of all we're doing to change our destructive lifestyles. Join in your local events, and wear this button to show you're proud of the planet you live on - and care for. Diameter: 1-1/4"
If You Want Peace Renounce Jesus and Allah religion Christianity Islam button If You Want Peace Renounce Jesus and Allah button Price: $2.00
If You Want Peace Renounce Jesus and Allah button. It's a shame we can't bring these two cult figures to trial, for inciting centuries of hysteria, violence and genocide. Their deluded followers are really the ones to blame, but without the cults of Jesus and Allah, the world would have been a much more peaceful place. Diameter: 1-1/4"
Nothing Against God His Fanclub Can't Stand bible christian baptist believer rapture follower sheep Button I've Got Nothing Against God, Its His Fan Club I Can't Stand Button Price: $2.00
I've Got Nothing Against God, Its His Fan Club I Can't Stand Button.
Dia: 1-1/4" (3.2cm).
When You Teach touch life forever school education student learning button When You Teach button Price: $2.00
When You Teach You Touch a Life Forever button. Here's a button that celebrates America's real heroes - teachers!
Diameter 1-3/4"
Blowing In The Wind button wind turbine renewable energy solar power Blowing In The Wind button Price: $2.00
Blowing In The Wind button. On a windy day, this great new white-on-green button may help stop your lapel blowing around. It looks cool on school backpacks and purse straps, too! Diameter: 2-1/4"
Intelligent Design Wind turbines renewable energy solar green emissions CO2 coal pollution fossil fuels big oil Intelligent Design Button Price: $2.00
We've put the popular Intelligent Design image from our t-shirt and sticker on a button. Wind turbines are quite the intelligent design, don't you agree? This design is exclusive to EvolveFISH.com
Diameter: 1-1/4"
One of the Little People Makes Things Happen button unions AFL-CIO SEIU UAW blue collar workers One of The Little People Who Makes Things Happen button Price: $2.00
One of The Little People Who Makes Things Happen button. Here's one for the army of folks who toil away underpaid and underappreciated. So watch out, rich power-brokers, because together we worker bees are strong - and where would you be without us? Diameter: 1-1/4"
B-AtheistsAreBeyond.gif Atheists are Beyond Belief Button Price: $2.00
This 1.25" button features the popular slogan "Atheists are Beyond Belief" in blue on a yellow background. Make 'em think!
B-ErrHumanPolitics.gif To Err is Human; to Blame Someone Else is Politics, Button Price: $2.00
"To Err is Human; to Blame it on Someone Else is Politics." Button measures 1.25" in diameter and clearly expresses what we've all accepted for years.
B-ChicksKickAs.png Chicks Kick Ass, button Price: $2.00
Chicks Kick Ass, button. Here's Rosie the Riveter again, showing the guys some o' that female power. Go get 'em, girl! Diameter: 1-1/4"
Jesus Called; He Wants His Religion Back, button Jesus Called; He Wants His Religion Back, button Price: $2.00
Jesus Called; He Wants His Religion Back, button. It's amazing what an unholy mess modern-day Christianists have made of their cult. Jesus would be appalled if he knew what was being done in his name! Dimensions: 1-1/4"
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