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We've also broken our book selection down by general topic in case there is an area you'd like to research further. If you are a newcomer to freethought, this is also a great way to familiarize yourself with ideas, authors, and areas of exploration.

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K-101MythsBible.jpg 101 Myths of the Bible: How Ancient Scribes Invented Biblical History Price: $16.99
101 Myths of the Bible: How Ancient Scribes Invented Biblical History. This riveting and controversial book reveals how the ancient editors of the Bible used the myths and legends of neighboring cultures to build the foundations of the monotheistic religions of today. Illustrations. 319 pages.
K-2000Yrs.gif 2000 Years of Disbelief Price: $32.00
By James A. Haught
This witty, insightful collection reveals the extent to which the most renowned people expressed their courage to doubt, often in the face of great personal risk.
Hardcover, 334 pages.
calendar humanists humanism  2014 randi florida 2014 Calendar - Humanists of Florida Price: $12.50
Here is a great Calendar for 2014 !! Each month shows a Humanist (or other) leader along with a quote. The personalities in this calendar were speakers at the Humanist of Florida convention, in November of 2013. We got permission to reproduce the calendar and split the profits with HOF to support its future activities. Included are pictures and quotes by the following folks:

James Randi............James Randi Foundation Dave Silverman......... American Atheist Nate Phelps ...........Westboro Baptist escapee Seth Andrews ......... Podcaster, video artist TTA Daniel Fincke .........Blog "Camels with Hammers" Dale McGowan ..........Foundation Beyond Belief Bridgett Crutchfield ..Minority Atheists of Michigan
D.J. Grothe ...........James Randi Foundation CEO
Alix Jules ............Black Non-believers of Dallas
Darrel Ray ............Recovering from Religion founder
Sarah Morehead ........Recovering from Religion director
Jennifer Hancock.......Humanists of Florida activist

Significant days are marked, such as "Ask an Atheist Day." Measures 8.5" x 11" closed.
K-DevilsChaplain.jpg A Devil's Chaplain Price: $14.00
By Richard Dawkins.
The Devil's Chaplain is the first collection of Richard Dawkins'writings, it is an enthusiastic declaraion, a testament to the power of the rigorous scientific examination to reveal the wonders of the world.
Paperback, 261 pages.
Humanist Funeral Service Corliss Lamont Beth J Sierra Oliva A Humanist Funeral Service Price: $13.00
First published in 1940, A Humanist Funeral Service has been helpful for over half a century to people not comfortable with the religious format of typical funeral services. The author, renowned humanist Corliss Lamont, last revised the text in 1977. Now, from her own experience as a humanist chaplain, Beth K. Lamont, widow of Corliss Lamont, has added two new scripts of humanist services, and has welcomed a new updated edition by humanist J. Sierra Oliva, who has added new dimensions and a new emphasis on celebrating the deceased's life in these suggested scripts for last rites.
K-LittleBookFor.jpg A Little Book for the Family of Humanists Price: $3.00
Edited by Devin Carroll.
A primer and reference on basic Humanist values.
Booklet, 18 pages. Yeah! Its back... new color but back.
K-AmerInfidel.jpg American Infidel: Robert G. Ingersoll Price: $19.95
This detailed biography by Orvin Larson spans the life of one of the most influential individuals of the 19th century, and one of the most famous freethinkers! A great addition to any freethought library. Paperback - 300 pages.
K-AnAtheistsHandbook.gif An Atheist's Handbook Price: $20.00
An Atheist's Handbook describes the "Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How" of the author's transition from religious believer to religious nonbeliever in a logical, philosophical, and easy-to-read fashion. It should be required reading for everyone who does or does not believe in God.
K-AtheismReader.jpg Atheism A Reader Price: $21.00
Edited by S.T. Joshi.
The editor has carefully selected essays that are eloquent, poignant, satirical, and philosophically rigorous, and has also supplied explanatory annotations and a general introduction that succinctly and forcefully summarizes the atheistic critique of religion.
Paperback, 346 pages. "
K-AtheismBegHandbook.gif Atheism, A Beginner's Handbook Price: $14.95
Atheism, A Beginner's Handbook is a terrific introduction to why atheists think the way we do. In particular, what factors drive non-belief, and why the phrase "atheist morality" not an oxymoron. The book shines a light onto the basis for atheist thought and logic. For the novice, a blueprint is provided for living authentically in our overtly fundamentalist culture.
Paperback - 144 pages.
K-AttTheo.gif Attack of the Theocrats - How the Religious Right Harms us All and What We Can Do About It Price: $21.95
Sean Faircloth, lawyer and Executive Director for the Secular Coalition of America, authored this "harrowing true tale." He describes how laws often favor religions and their followers, citing numerous examples of secular discrimination. He also offers ideas on what nontheists can do about it. It's a staff favorite and a recommended holiday gift. Hardcover, 168 pages.
K-BibleStoriesNever.jpg Bible Stories Your Parents Never Taught You Price: $18.00
Michael Scott Earl's Bible Stories Your Parents Never Taught You is a shock and awe campaign against the presumed moral irreproachability of the Holy Bible. It is a much needed dose of moral clarity in an age of religious confusion and godly violence. Paperback, 269 pages.
K-Billions.jpg Billions and Billions Price: $15.95
By Carl Sagan.
The final book of Sagan's career, this volume focuses on the tough questions - the origination and end of the universe, questions of the human mind, and how we can face the uncertain future. Paperback, 280 pages.
K-BornAgAth.png Born Again Atheist Price: $14.95
Lance Gregorchuk implores us to "Stop Tolerating Intolerance!" in his book Born Again Atheist. Packed with historical information and descriptions of the (often erroneous) beliefs of religious zealots, all presented with a sharp wit, this book is a must have for anyone wanting to arm themselves with accurate knowledge. Paperback, 186 pages.
K-BreakingSpell.gif Breaking The Spell Price: $16.00
Trading in a supernatural soul for a natural soul - is this a fair bargain? Daniel Dennett, seeking to fend off "caricatures of Darwinian thinking" that plague his philosophical camp, argues in this incendiary, brilliant, even dangerous book that it is. Picking up where he left off in Darwin's Dangerous Idea (a Pulitzer and National Book Award finalist), he zeroes in on free will, a sticking point to the opposing camp. Paperback; 464 pages.
child abuse freethought freethinker church religious Breaking Their Will: Shedding Light on Religious Child Maltreatment Price: $20.00
Author Janet Heimlich approaches the subject of "religious maltreatment" in a factual yet empathetic way. She explains what is meant by the term, the prevalence of abuse, and what we can do about it. A MUST for any children's advocate and any Freethinker who finds child abuse unacceptable. Softcover, 397 gripping pages.
K-GoodWOGod.jpg Can We Be Good Without God? Price: $22.00
By Dr. Robert Buckman, M.D.
Subtitled "Behaviour, Belonging and the Need to Believe," this work affirms that decency and ethics can exist independently of religion. Dr. Buckman explores the science behind belief and how it operates within the limbic system. A fascinating read. Hardcover, 274 pages.
K-ChristianityBC_2.jpg Christianity Before Christ Price: $14.00 Christianity Before Christ
Average rating:
By John G. Jackson. Nothing is new or original in Christianity. That is the important thesis demonstrated in Christianity Before Christ. With a Foreword by Frank R. Zindler, the editor of American Atheist press, the book has 12 major chapters, plus Bibliography, Subject Index, and numerous pen-and-ink illustrations. Great reference tool. Paperback, 237 pages.
K-ConversationsOpa.jpg Conversations With Opa: Sharing Wisdom About the Universe and Lesser Things [Paperback]
"Where did everything come from, Opa? I mean the stars, the planets, and life on earth. What are the origins of the universe?" Parents looking for a book to stimulate their child's intellectual curiosity on many subjects and provide the most reliable information available will find Conversations with Opa to be the perfect choice.
K-Darwinaward3paprback.jpg Darwin Awards III: Survival of the Fittest Price: $11.00 Price reduced!! $9.66 Darwin Awards III: Survival of the Fittest
Average rating:
By Wendy Northcutt.
One of America's most popular humor series returns with a brand-new collection of hilariously macabre mishaps and misadventures. Honoring those who improve our gene pool by inadvertently removing themselves from it, this new release shows once more how uncommon common sense still is.
Paperback, 252 pages.
k-Darwin'sDangerous.jpg Darwin's Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meaning of Life Price: $16.00
By Daniel C. Dennett. "This is the best single-author overview of all the implications of evolution by natural selection available...Lucid and entertaining." - John Gribbin, Sunday Times, London. Paperback, 586 pages.
Charles Darwin's Legacy What Evolution Means Today Natural Selection origin species John Dupre Darwin's Legacy - What Evolution Means Today
Darwin's Legacy - What Evolution Means Today. John Dupre shows that although there are particular aspects of the theory of evolution that remain controversial, and issues still to be settled, there can no longer be any doubt that the basis of the theory is absolutely true. This scientific truth has contributed enormously to the rapid decline of Theism in developed countries around the world. Hardback, 138 pages.
K-DarwinSelected.jpg Darwin, Selected and Edited by Philip Appleman Price: $16.99
Philip Appleman, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Indiana niversity, presents a well-balanced collection of extracts from Darwin's own work, his commentators, and his intellectual descendants to the present day. Paperback, 695 pages.
Death by Black Hole Price: $20.00
Neil DeGrasse Tyson compiles his favorite essays across a myriad of cosmic topics. The title essay introduces readers to the physics of black holes. He also explores astral life from the frontiers of astrobiology, and examines Hollwood and religion. Paperback, 380 pages.
K-DeconstructingJesus.jpg Deconstructing Jesus Price: $33.00
By Robert M. Price
In Deconstructing Jesus Price argues that there is good reason to believe that Jesus never existed as a historical figure, and that responsible historians must remain agnostic about a "historical Jesus" and what he stood for.
Hardcover, 284 pages.
Doubt: A History: The Great Doubters and Their Legacy Innovation Socrates Jesus Thomas Jefferson Emily Dicki Doubt: A History: The Great Doubters and Their Legacy of Innovation from Socrates and Jesus to Thomas Jefferson and Emily Dickinson Price: $16.95
Doubt: A History: The Great Doubters and Their Legacy of Innovation from Socrates and Jesus to Thomas Jefferson and Emily Dickinson. Psychologists know there are some self-ascriptions for which human beings are eternal suckers. The vast majority of people think they have a better-than-average sense of humor. Most of us fancy we are better drivers than others. And we almost all flatter ourselves that we are independent thinkers who don't accept others' claims without good proof. We see gullibility everywhere around us but never find it in ourselves. We are skeptics. Jennifer Michael Hecht's historical survey of doubt shows how fallible this self-image is: Skeptical thinking is in fact so rare a trait one wonders how it got started at all.
Paperback - 551 pages.
K-DreamsFinalTheory.jpg Dreams of a Final Theory: The Scientist's Search for the Ultimate Laws of Nature Price: $14.00
By Prof. Steven Weinberg.
The Nobel Prize-winning physicist and bestselling author of The First Three Minutes describes the grand quest for a unifying theory of nature--one that can explain events as disparate as the cohesion inside the atom and the gravitational tug between the sun and Earth.
Paperback, 340 pages.
K-EvolutionvCreationism.gif Evolution vs. Creationism Price: $22.95
More than 80 years after the Scopes trial, the debate over teaching evolution continues in spite of the emptiness of the creationist positions. This accessible resource, now completely revised adn updated, provides an essential introduction tot he ongoing dispute's many facets - the scientific evidence for evolution, the legaland educational basis for its teaching, and the various religious points of view - as well as a concise history of the evolution-creationism controversy. Written by Eugenie C. Scott, the Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education. Paperback; 331 pages plus index.
K-FlatEarth.gif Flat Earth? Round Earth? [Paperback] Price: $12.00
This work is suitable for ages 4 to 8 years. Obvious facts are sometimes not so obvious when we have to prove them. That's what the narrator of this story finds out when his classmate refuses to believe that the earth is round.
James Randi amazing TAM debunking science book Flim-Flam! Price: $22.00
By James Randi with an introduction by Isaac Asimov. In this book, Randi explores and exposes what he believes to be the outrageous deception that has been promoted widely in the media. Unafraid to call researchers to account for their failures and impostures, Randi tells us that we have been badly served by scientists who have failed to follow the procedures required by their training and traditions. Here, he shows us how what he views as sloppy research has been followed by rationalizations of evident failures, and we see these errors and misrepresentations clearly pointed out. Mr. Randi provides us with a compelling and convincing document that will certainly startle and enlighten all who read it. Paperback, 342 pages.
K-FourWomenRead.gif Four Women: Dramatic Readings Price: $19.95
Meg Bowman, well known feminist and social activist, fills this 278-page paperback book with readings and more for educating in a fun way. Useful in classrooms, meetings, parties, women's history programs, or just for personal reading. The stories inside will uplift and motivate the readers and is a must for any collection.
K-FreethinkersHistory.jpg Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism Paperback Price: $16.00
By Susan Jacoby
An authoritative history of the vital role of secularist thinkers and activists in the United States, from a writer of "fierce intelligence and nimble, unfettered imagination."-The New York Times.
K-GenesisHumanist.jpg Genesis of the Humanist Manifesto Price: $12.95
By Edwin H. Wilson
To tell the story of the document that crystallized the principles and ideals of contemporary Humanism is to tell the story of the origins of the movement itself. The 1933 publication of "A Humanist Manifesto," its impact on society, and the subsequent appeals for revision all comprise this chronicle of the development of American humanism, told by one of the people most responsible for its unfolding.
Paperback, 212-pages.
K-GodNotGreat.gif God is Not Great Price: $24.99
Hitchens, who once described Mother Teresa as "a fanatic, a fundamentalist, and a fraud," is notorious for making mincemeat out of sacred cows, but in this book it is the sacred itself that is skewered. Religion, Hitchens writes, is "violent, irrational, intolerant, allied to racism and tribalism and bigotry, invested in ignorance and hostile to free inquiry, contemptuous of women and coercive toward children." Channeling the anti-supernatural spirits of other acolytes of the "new atheism," Hitchens argues that religion is "man-made" and murderous, originating in fear and sustained by brute force. Like Richard Dawkins, he denounces the religious education of young people as child abuse. Like Sam Harris, he fires away at the Koran as well as the Bible.
Hardcover - 307 pages.
K-GodWitchShift.gif Goddesses, Witches, and the Paradigm Shift Price: $14.95
Meg Bowman's 230 page paperback book contains dramatic readings on feminist issues. With plays, songs, short stories, and bios of strong women in our country's history, Goddesses, Witches and the Paradigm Shift is an excellent companion for any open minded woman wishing to change societiel perceptions.
comics godless freethought atheist carlin leaflet tract pamphlet brochure hand out Godless Comics Price: $3.00
These pint-sized 3" x 5" comic books are the perfect size to hand out to zealots, family, friends, co-workers, annoying in-laws, you name it! They are the proud production of Godless Comics. Read more about them, and check out a preview in our more info section. Each is approximately 12 pages.
More Info
K-Godless.gif Godless, Dan Barker Price: $14.95
If you are at all familiar with the freethought movement in the United States over the last 20 years you'll recognize Dan Barker's name. His story, that of an evangelical preacher turned athiest, is legendary. His book comes across with the true kindness and insight that is Dan's alone. Bonus forward by Richard Dawkins. Read and enjoy.
Heinegg, Peter Good God Other Follies book atheist agnostic anti-religious Good God (and other Follies) Price: $27.00
Limited edition!Good God! (And Other Follies) takes a critical and satirical look at the wave of religiosity now sweeping the country. From faith-based initiatives to bans on stem cell research, from public postings of the Ten Commandments to attacks on evolution, American godliness has apparently never had it so good. Author Peter Heinegg; softcover, 166 pgs.
K-GoodwoGodbluecover.gif Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People DO Believe Price: $25.99
This provocative read is a 250-page hardcover book by Greg Epstein, the Humanist Chaplain at Harvard. Many devout Christians believe that without religion, people, being inherently evil, will begin a rampage of selfish behaviors and ultimately destroy society as we know it. An inspiring look towards an alternative to religion, Greg Epstein teaches us that this is untrue, and that we can lead good and moral lives without the unwanted side effects of religion. A definite must-have for the curious and committed alike, Epstein's words teach us that we are inherently Good Without God.
K-GreatQuotations.jpg Great Quotations on Religious Freedom Price: $19.98
Compiled and edited by Albert J. Menendez and Edd Doerr
This outstanding collection of memorable quotations on religious freedom - the most comprehensive ever assembled - covers many centuries of thought and a wide array of sources.
Paperback - 250 pages.
Honest Doubt Essays on Atheism in a Believing Society James Haught Honest Doubt - Essays on Atheism in a Believing Society Price: $20.00
Honest Doubt - Essays on Atheism in a Believing Society. Despite the prevalence of religious belief in the United States, a growing minority (14 percent) of US adults identify with no religion whatsoever. James A. Haught addresses the secular segment of American society in this collection of incisive essays. Taken together, Haught’s essays endorse the idea that freedom of religion must include freedom to doubt. Individually, the articles present many different reasons to doubt. This will appeal to anyone with questions about religion.
Paperback - 150 pages.
K-humanismNextStep.gif Humanism As the Next Step Price: $10.00
By Mary and Lloyd Morain.
While there have been technical studies of humanism in the past, never before has there been such an authoritative, popular treatment of the whole field.
Paperback, 145 pages.
Humanism for Parents Parenting Without Religion atheists agnostics godless Sean P Curley Humanism for Parents - Parenting Without Religion Price: $12.95
Humanism for Parents - Parenting Without Religion. By some estimates, over 1 billion people in the world are non-religious (humanist/secular/atheist) yet we base many of our parenting techniques and traditions on religion. This terrific little book outlines how non-believing parents can have rites, rituals, and practices needed for a healthy, spiritually fulfilled family - without God, Jesus, bibles and other destructive religious indoctrination.
Paperback - 87 pages.
K-Irreligion.gif Irreligion Price: $20.00
"Irreligion: A Mathematician Explains Why the Arguments for God Just Don't Add Up" is a 150 hardcover dissertation that explores religion and its claims from an objective and scrutinizing eye. By discussing principles like "First Cause" and the "Anthropic Principle" author John Allen Paulos brilliantly uses reason to combat major religious claims. Thoughtfully written and highly provocative, it is a great addition to one's freethought library.
K-JeffersonsScissors.png Jefferson’s Scissors Book Price: $20.00
This edition of Lou Perry's "Jefferson's Scissors" is must reading for anyone interested in the ongoing debate between science and religion. Perry presents a compelling argument in favor of church/state separation and warns of the dangers fundamentalism brings to our country. Paperback, 310 pages.
K-JesusHist.jpg Jesus In History & Myth Price: $37.00
Edited by R. Joseph Hoffmann and Gerald A Larue.
Daring, thought-provoking views that are on the cutting edge of critical investigation of the Bible and religion.
Hardcover, 217 pages.
K-JesPotHarChrist.jpg Jesus Potter Harry Christ by Derek Murphy Price: $20.00
A highly readable book that examines the origins and evolution of Christianity and presents evidence for the historical Jesus that believers worship today. He spends some time comparing and contrasting Harry Potter and Jesus, but goes much further.
K-judaism.jpg Judaism for Everyone …without Dogma Price: $32.50
Bernardo Sorj This in-depth look at Judaism analyzes the ways in which the religion and secular culture have evolved throughout history and continue to change for the future. Sorj promotes open dialogue and acceptance of diverse beliefs, and ultimately suggests that people of all cultures and varying degrees of faith can find a form of Judaism that suits them. Hardcover, 188 pages
K-KeepYourBrainAlive.jpg Keep Your Brain Alive Price: $8.95
By Lawrence C. Katz, Ph.D. & Manning Rubin.
No more punch lines that just slipped away, no more names on the tip of your tongue, no more senior moments! Drawing on cutting-edge neurological research, how to keep your brain alive: 83 neurobic exercises bring help to everyone whose memory is starting to slip.
Paperback - 148 pages.
K-KensGuide.jpg Ken's Guide to the Bible Price: $7.95
A great bible companion by Ken Smith that speaketh the truth. This hilarious book is a staff favorite and a must for any freethought library. Paperback, 175 pages. For more information and reviews, click on the picture.
K-LeavingTheFoldTestimonies.jpg Leaving the Fold, Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists Price: $27.00
Leaving the Fold, Religion & Politics Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists .... Edward T. Babinski The book contains nearly three dozen first-hand testimonies from former fundamentalists who have become liberal Christians, agnostics or atheists. .... "The individual statements and recollections are clearly, thoughtfully, and intelligently presented, and documentation is thorough. A useful addition to church, academic, and larger public library collections." Library Journal "This riveting collection shows the struggle in breaking with one's faith and searching for meaning in life." Polish-American Journal "Important guidance for people struggling to think for themselves and offers encour- agement to find their own way into the wide world of free religious choice as essential to the growth of a mature faith. Highly recommended for people considering a more open approach to religious choice." The Reader's Review ". . .sharp commentary and abundant documentation presenting an interesting introduction to fundamentalism." Baptists Today ". . . a revealing picture of what attracts people to fundamentalism and what can drive believers away from it." Reference & Research Book News "The book was recently removed from the shelves of the Anderson County Public Library in South Carolina (Babinski's home state), due to complaints from patrons. The book contains nearly three dozen first-hand testimonies from former fundamentalists who have become liberal Christians, agnostics or atheists. According to Babinski, 'I've tried to get the local newspaper to interview me since writing my book, but they never had the time. Sales have been slow. Now, miracle of miracles, the book is being mentioned in newspapers, television and radio. God bless those Christians!'" The Secular Humanist Bulletin "It is a very thought-provoking book which discusses almost every aspect of the fundamentalist viewpoint." Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith "The thin-skinned will not appreciate the book. The mature and secure will find it highly instructive, if occasionally unsettling." Biblical Viewpoint ....
K-LeaveQuietRoom.gif Leaving the Quiet Room: My rise from religious slavery to Atheism, by Joe Zamecki Price: $14.00
"Leaving the Quiet Room," is a tell-all whistle-blowing expose of Holy Ghost Catholic church/school in Bellaire, Texas. The author, Joe Zamecki, spent 8 years as a student there, and has a lot of dirt to dish out! The book explores his experience, and reveals how and why he became a proud Atheist, capital A. It also talks extensively about his activism and the religious experiences he's had since leaving religion. This is the book many have needed when they were a young Christians, but could never find. Now Joe wants the world to have it.
K-MyLetterChristian.gif Letter to a Christian Nation Price: $16.95
Letter to a Christian Nation - Sam Harris. With science and reason under attack from a pious majority, these are dangerous times for true American values. Sam Harris spells it out clearly to the millions who believe the earth is only 6,000 years old (glue was invented 7,000 years ago....)
Hardback - 112 pages.
K-LilithAdamsFirst.gif Lilith: Adam's First Wife Price: $14.95
This paperback book features 256 pages packed full of feminist ideology. Meg Bowman gives us the tools needed to educate ourselves and others on the strength inherent in every woman. Containing dramatic readings for the classroom, women's history programs, retreats, parties, and just for pleasure, Lilith: Adam's First Wife is a must have for every library.
K-LosingFaith.jpg Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Atheist Price: $20.00
By Dan Barker.
Barker's journey from devout soul-winner to one of America's most prominent freethinkers.
Paperback, 383 pages.
Marijuana Grow Horticulture Learn How Marijuana Plant Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible Price: $29.95
This highly informative, cleverly organized grower's guide tells you everything you ever wanted to know about growing medical marijuana. There are 512 pages with 1120 color images, and I mean quality images that really help to explain the growing process! A MUST for anyone considering this interesting new money making opportunity.
K-MemSvcsWomen.gif Memorial Services for Women Price: $8.95
Memorial Services for Women - Meg Bowman. Offers some wonderful modern alternatives to the usual memorial services, which are old dogmas written by - and for - men.
Paperback - 156 pages.
Meyebela: My Bengali Girlhood - Taslima Nasrin Price: $26.00
Here the internationally famous exiled physician, feminist, humanist, human rights activist, and novelist provides her memoir of growing up female in the Muslim world. Published in 2002 to public acclaim across the spectrum, from Elle magazine to USA Today, it tells the gripping and dramatic story of her early life in Bangladesh, the nation that was once East Pakistan. Hardcover, 308 pages
K-NaturalAtheism.gif Natural Atheism Price: $18.00
Everything is here to help those who already are Atheists better understand the logic of their lives and see Atheism's social and political implications. Those who are not yet Atheists will be helped by this scientist's common-sense analysis of the so-called 'proofs of God' to see the irrationality - indeed, the meaninglessness - of god-beliefs. What is belief? What is knowledge? As Pilate is alleged to have asked, "What is truth?" Understandable and clear answers to all these questions are given by a seasoned anthropolgist who has been able to see around the blinders imposed by Judaeo-Chirstian cultures.
K-OneWorldMany.png One World Many Beliefs, a Family Book for Nonbelievers and Their Children Price: $11.00
This colorful and engaging book was designed to help foster dialogue between parents/adults and children as they begin to make sense of the wide range of religious beliefs/nonbelief in the world around them. The book's main character narrates as children are guided through a short introduction to three world religions, the concept of afterlife, and on to the character's parents' nonbelief/atheism. Religion or belief/nonbelief should never be inherited - the takeaway message is that everyone should educate themselves and form their own opinions whilst respecting those of others.
K-OurFamilyTree.gif Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story Price: $17.00
Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story - In this richly illustrated book, author Lisa Westberg Peters presents the history of humanity in a way that children can understand. Click the image for more info!
Parenting Beyond Belief atheist agnostic godless children Dale McGowan Parenting Beyond Belief Price: $17.95
In Parenting Beyond Belief, Dale McGowan celebrates the freedom that comes with raising kids without formal indoctrination and advises parents on the most effective way to raise freethinking children. In the age of creeping, invasive fundamentalism, this great book is more relevant than ever! 290 pages.
K-PeaceonEarth.gif Peace on Earth - Is It Possible? Price: $23.00
By Carl Zimmerling. This book offers a comprehensive comparison between scientific fact and discoveries vs. unquestioned religious myth, legends, superstition, fear and dictatorship. It's based on the author's experience during business travel to 50 countries, where he worked and lived among local businessmen. He explains how these experiences made him question his early Christian beliefs and eventually turn to humanism/atheism. Paperback, 365 pages.
K-PlanofAttack.jpg Plan of Attack by Bob Woodward Price: $28.00
By Bob Woodward
Plan of Attack is the definitive account of how and why President George W. Bush, his war council, and allies launched a preemptive attack to topple Saddam Hussein and occupy Iraq. Bob Woodward's latest landmark account of Washington decision making provides an original, authoritative narrative of behind-the-scenes maneuvering over two years, examining the causes and consequences of the most controversial war since Vietnam.
Hardcover, 467 pages.
K-QuestioningSacred.gif Questioning the Sacred Price: $12.25
By M. Lee Deitz, Ph.D.
Does the bible cotradict itself?
Was the Resurrection of Christ a botched hoax?
What does the Bible prohibit Christians from doing?
How many people could fit into the Biblical heaven?
Is the Ark story just a fable?
Questioning the Sacred is a query into the truth claims of the Christian bible and religion.
Paperback, 112 pages.
K-RationalRecovery.jpg Rational Recovery: The New Cure for Substance Addiction Price: $16.99
By Jack Trimpey.
Outlining the Addictive Voice Recognition Technique, a self-recovery program for alcoholism and drug addiction, this helpful guide presents an alternative to traditional substance abuse approaches and profiles the addiction "Beast". Rational Recovery offers new hope to addicted people. We sent one up the road to Ted Haggard of the New Life Church, it probably did him more good than all of those hollow prayers.
Paperback - 354 pages.
K-ReadingsWomProg.gif Readings for Women’s Programs, 2nd Ed. Price: $8.95
Edited by Meg Bowman and Connie Springer, both veteran activists, this 125-page paperback book is a great addition to any library. This small collection of readings is designed to raise consciousness, enhance feelings of Sisterhood, and encourage, inspire and promote feminist values. A great place to find opening and closing material for your meetings, Readings for Women's Programs can be easily enjoyed simply by itself as well.
K-Masefield.jpg Remembering John Masefield Price: $12.95
Lamont gives readers insigh into Masefield's work, private life, and personsality in this collection of letters. Accompanied by Lamont's personal anecedotes, they paint a multidimensional picture of an intelligent, amusing, and talented man. Paperback, 128 pages
K-ScncEthcs.gif Science and Ethics: Can Science Help us Make Wise Moral Judgements? Price: $21.98
Paul Kurtz tackles the idea that many people today believe that moral principles are derived from religion. On the other side of a great divide stand many who say that there are no ethical standards at all and that morality is merely a question of personal taste or cultural relativity. Paperback, 345 pages.
Sum - hardback, David Eagelman death afterlife Sum: 40 Tales from the Afterlives - hardback, David Eagleman Price: $19.95
David Eagleman, a scientist at the Baylor College of Medicine, offers an interesting look at death and beyond in “Sum.” (By the way, he used this old Latin phrase as the title - of course meaning “I am.”) He presents 40 different short stories of varying gods and the afterlives they create, all of which are mutually exclusive - one cannot believe in more than one without contradicting oneself. In this way, he causes readers to think about beliefs and why they believe them. Atheists will love this book, and love giving it to Fundie friends. It also contains kernels of wisdom that people can apply to their own lives; for example, one story he “calculates” the time someone can spend in a lifetime brushing teeth, eating, watching tv, etc. (One of our staff owns this book and just adores it; she said it is “a book on living rather than a book on dying.”) Excellent reading!
Hardback - 107 pages.
K-AgeOfReason.jpg The Age of Reason Price: $15.00
By Thomas Paine.
This classic by a great American revolutionary and spokesman of the Enlightenment was the 18th Century's most powerful antireligious statement, and continues to be a source of inspiration for champions of human liberty.
Paperback, 190 pages.
K-AtheistDebater.gif The Atheist Debater's Handbook Price: $21.00
By B.C. Johnson.
Does God exist? Is there Divine intervention in our daily lives? Mr. Johnson contends that theism has not proved its case. This lively book was written to provide the skeptic with an arsenal of arguments against the theist. Some of the topics covered include: "God and Atheism," "God and Design," "God and Existence," "God and Religious Experience," "God and Morality," "God and Evil," and "God and Christianity." Buy your copy of the "Atheist Debater Handbook" today and be ready the next time a believer asks the questions.
Paperback, 134 pages.
K-AtheistsBible.gif The Atheist's Bible: An Illustrious Collection of Irreverent Thoughts Price: $16.95
Joan Konnor has compiled a hilarious book of quotes from our forefathers, great thinkers and activists, pioneers of the women's suffrage movement, scientists, and more. A must read for anyone who can laugh at religious dogmatism. Hardcover, 190 pages. Click on the image for a fun who said it quiz!
K-BestIngersoll.jpg The Best of Robert Ingersoll Price: $25.00
Robert Ingersoll was America's finest orator and foremost leader of freethinkers. Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Eugene V. Debs, and Elizabeth Cady used to gather to hear the speeches of "the great agnostic." Now you too can appreciate his wit and intelligence! Paperback, 175 pages. Edited by Roger E. Greeley.
K-BibleThroughEyesweb.gif The Bible Through the Eyes of Its Authors Price: $35.95
"The Bible Through the Eyes of Its Authors" interprets the Bible as a human creation by ancient priests who advocated political, social, military, and religious agendas for their nation. The book confronts the Bible's stunning moral contradictions. A loving God frequently demands compassion, kindness and charity for the poor, the handicapped and the foreigner and then demands that Israel annihilate entire nations and that Moses enforce the death penalty on a simple wood gatherer. Intended to help you understand the author's messages, motives, and moral contradictions,, "The Bible Through the Eyes of Its Authors" illuminates the tension between authoritarian and humanistic values.
book your church doesn't want you to read tim leedom roman catholic church anti-catholic catholicism The Book No Pope Would Want You to Read Price: $19.95
by Tim Leedom and MaryJane Churchville. This book is an all in one expose of the Catholic Church and their leaders who have lied, cheated their parishioners, and the world for 2000 years. This expose names names and takes no prisoners, and is hard-hitting and investigative. This work reads like an indictment because it is - against the Pope and Vatican for all their crimes throughout history and their shameless cover-ups. Softcover, 366 pps.
K-BkChrchWnt.jpg The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You To Read Price: $22.50 The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You To Read
Average rating:
Edited by Tim C. Leedom
A collection of articles and thoughts ranging from ancient philosophers to current-day secularists about religion, churches, and truth.
Paperback - 445 pages.
K-BornSkeptic.jpg The Born Again Skeptic's Guide to the Bible Price: $20.00
The Born Again Skeptic's Guide to the Bible, by Ruth Hurmence Green.
Combined with The Book of Ruth (autobiography), this collection of works is invaluable to anyone debating the contradictions found in the Bible, as well as its outdated notions.
Paperback, 435 pages.
K-DevilsDictionaries.jpg The Devil's Dictionaries Price: $49.95
By Ambrose Bierce & Chaz Bufe.
RARE - this book is out of print and we only have one copy left. Great for a collector!
This much-expanded second edition of The Devil's Dictionaries combines the best 200+ definitions from Ambrose Bierce's classic The Devil's Dictionary with 500+ definitions from its best modern successor, Chaz Bufe's American Heretic's Dictionary (newly revised and expanded).
K-DevilsDictionary.jpg The Devil's Dictionary Price: $13.95
By Ambrose Bierce; with an introduction by Roy Morris.
History, n. an account mostly false, of events mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers mostly knaves, and soldiers mostly fools. Marriage, n. The state or condition of a community consisting of a master, a mistress, and two slaves, making in all two. Self-Esteem, n. An erroneous appraisement. These caustic aphorisms, collected in The Devil's Dictionary, helped earn reporter Ambrose Bierce the epithet's "Bitter Bierce", the "Devil's Lexicographer", and the "Wickedest Man in San Francisco". First published as The Cynic's Word Book (1906) and later reissued under its preferred title in 1911, Bierce's notorious collection of barbed definitions forcibly contradicts Samuel Johnson's earlier definition of a lexicographer as a harmless drudge.
Paperback, 256 pages.
K-TheDevilsDiction.jpg The Devil's Dictionary (2007 edition) Price: $6.99
The 2007 edition of The Devil's Dictionary contains all of the satire and cynicism of the original published at the turn of the century, over 100 years ago. Still relevant and entertaining, this book makes a great addition to everyone's freethought library.
K-FaithHealers.jpg The Faith Healers Price: $31.00
By James Randi.
A fascinating look at a world of misplaced faith and blind trust that seems more appropriate to the Dark Ages than to the end of the 20th Century.
Paperback - 318 pages.
K-GoldenBough.jpg The Golden Bough Price: $20.00
By James Frazer.
Describes our ancestors' primitive methods of worship, sex practices, rituals, and festivals in a not-so-simple life.
Paperback, 864 pages.
K-GoldenBoughX.jpg The Golden Bough with Introduction and Explanatory Notes Price: $14.95
By James Frazer.
This new edition of James Frazer's 1890 book restores his bolder theories for the first time, setting them within the framework of a valuable introduction and explanatory notes throughout the book.
Paperback, 858 pages.
Gospel of The Flying Spaghetti Monster FSM Pirate Noodle The Gospel of The Flying Spaghetti Monster Price: $13.95 The Gospel of The Flying Spaghetti Monster
Average rating:
The 192-page paperback handbook of the 21st century's only new religion is finally here! Discover the real causes of global warming and why Pastafarian heaven has a stripper factory and a beer volcano. A hilariously entertaining read! May you be touched by His noodly appendage....
K-GreatShowEar.gif The Greatest Show on Earth - the Evidence for Evolution Price: $16.99
This tome by Richard Dawkins, scientist, speaker, author, and yes, Atheist, is one of the New York Times' Bestsellers. It is described as "brilliant, detailed, anecdotal and immensely readable...Dawkins lays out evidence with such fascinating detail that the book is both scientifically exciting and completely convincing. It's badly needed in this era when the science of evolution is being threatened in our schools." Paperback, 443 pages with notes.
The Jesus Puzzle Did Christianity Begin With a Mythical Jesus Earl Doherty The Jesus Puzzle: Did Christianity Begin With a Mythical Jesus? Price: $14.50
By Earl Doherty.
With the arrival of the third millennium, the time has come to face the stunning realization that for the last 1900 years, Christianity has revered a founder and icon of the faith who probably never existed. Doherty compares ancient legends with biblical texts, and uncovers some very surprising truths.
Paperback, 380 pages.
K-LetterDeath.gif The Letter from Death Price: $17.95
This 130 page paperback book by author Lillian Moats casts a bright light on how are unexamined fear of death has been reinforced and manipulated throughout history. She states that this results in the misdirection of our energies away from the real and immediate challenges of this world and instead pushes us towards unnecessary war, injustice, and self-destruction. Thought provoking and easy to read.
K-MagicReal.gif The Magic of Reality - How We Know What’s Really True Price: $19.99
The newest book from Richard Dawkins, this work explains complex scientific terms in easy to understand language. Dave McKean (character designer for Harry Potter films) offers stunning illustrations to drive concepts home. Great for adults and teenagers alike, it is being heralded as a triumph for science. Paperback, 265 pages.
K-MilitantAgnostic.jpg The Militant Agnostic Price: $20.98
By E. Haldeman-Julius.
This wide-ranging, candid, and humorous collection of articles and essays attacks organized religion in its various forms.
Paperback - 128 pages.
K-MoralLand.gif The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values Price: $15.00
Famous neuroscientist and freethought author Sam Harris has created another masterpiece, this time exploring morality through the lens of science. A compelling read filled with fact based data on the meaning of morality. Paperback, 250 pages.
K-NatureofGods.gif The Nature of the Gods and on Divination - Marcus Tullius Cicero Price: $12.95
The eminent ancient Roman statesman and philosopher analyzes the positions of the Stoic, Epicurean, and Acadamic Schools on the existence and nature of the gods, and whether they act in the interests of humankind. Then various methods for divining the future are debunked, including astrology, which recieves the classic treatment. Paperback, 263 pages
The New Atheism Victor Stenger non-belief non-believer faith religion agnostic rational reason logic The New Atheism - paperback Price: $11.99
The New Atheism - paperback. Exclusive price - not yet available at Amazon! Victor J. Stenger reviews and expands upon the principles of New Atheism and answers many of its critics. He demonstrates in detail that naturalism - the view that all of reality is reducible to matter and nothing else - is sufficient to explain everything we observe in the universe, from the most distant galaxies to the inner workings of the brain that result in the phenomenon of mind. Ships via USPS Media Mail.
Paperback - 250 pages.
K-PhilosophyHumanism.jpg The Philosophy of Humanism Price: $16.95
By Dr. Corliss Lamont.
In a work that is a standard text and reference in the ongoing national debate that swirls around secular humanism, Lamont offers a vigorous argument for a philosophy that advocates happiness in this life rather than hope for a heaven in an afterlife.
Paperback, 371 pages.
K-Propheteer.gif The Propheteer Price: $9.95
This book by psychiatrist Jason Coe is described as "A stunning new book about the final hours of Bush administration." Read Bushisms on death, pain, poverty, and a host of other topics, and enjoy the spattering of political cartoons. Paperback, 77 pages.
K-SacredDepths.jpg The Sacred Depths of Nature Price: $14.95
By Ursula Goodenough.
A beautifully written book that blends modern science with our timeless quest for spiritual meaning.
Paperback, 224 pages.
K-WisdomHarry.jpg The Wisdom of Harry Potter: What Our Favorite Hero Teaches Us about Moral Choices [Paperback] Price: $12.00
In this original interpretation of the "Harry Potter" sensation, Edmund M Kern argues that the attraction of these stories to children comes not only from the fantastical elements embedded in the plots, but also from their underlying moral messages. This fresh, instructive, and upbeat guide to "Harry Potter" will give parents many useful and educational suggestions for discussing the moral implications of this continuously popular series of books with their children.
K-Worlds16Saviours.gif The World's Sixteen Saviors: Christianity Before Christ Price: $19.95
By Kersey Graves, Foreword by Acharya S.
A reprint of Kersey Graves' classic and rare 1875 book on Christianity before Christ.
Paperback, 436 pages.
K-XratedBible2.jpg The X-Rated Bible - An Irreverent Survey of Sex in the Scriptures Price: $24.95
This redesigned, corrected, and expanded edition will reintroduce the controversial publication that unblushingly confronts the dirty parts of the Holy Bible.
Here's what George Carlin says about the book: "Everything you wanted to know about the holiness-horniness nexus, but they wouldn't tell you." Just some of the topics include: a drunken Lot knocks up both his daughters; Ammon rapes his sister Tamar; Jehovah commands Hosea to Marry a Whore; Noah gets drunk and exposes himself. A must-read for any freethinker!
Paperback, 245 pages.
K-Unbelievable.jpg Unbelievable!: Faith, Reason, & the Search for Truth [Paperback] Price: $14.00
A memoir of a scientist's philosophical journey toward enlightened humanism.
K-WhatIsSecular.gif What Is Secular Humanism? Price: $9.95
Paul Kurtz delves into the defining characteristics of the "bold new paradigm" of secular humanism. This succint and well written book answers questions on what it means to be "good without god." A must for any freethought library and a great read to pass along to friends and family wondering what cult you've joined...Paperback, 57 information packed pages.
K-WhosInHell.jpg Who's Who In Hell Price: $99.00
Compiled by Warren A. Smith.
What do Woody Allen, Bill Gates, George Clooney, and Samuel Clemens have in common? They're all non-believers of one kind or another. In an age when the vast majority of Americans are embracing various faiths, the secular humanists, atheists, agnostics, rationalists, skeptics, and other non-theists among us may be getting short shrift.
Hardcover, 1237 pages.
K-WhyNotMus.jpg Why I Am Not A Muslim Price: $31.00
By Ibn Warraq.
"Transcends The Satanic Verses in terms of sacrilege. Where Rushdie offered an elusive critique of Islam in an airy tale of magical realism, Ibn Warraq brings a scholarly sledgehammer to the task of demolishing Islam. Such an act, especially for an author of Muslim birth, is so incendiary that the author must write under a pseudonym; not to do so would be an act of suicide" - The Weekly Standard
Hardcover - 402 pages.
K-WhyWeBelGod.gif Why We Believe in God(s): A Concise Guide to the Science of Faith Price: $12.95
Why We Believe in Gods by J. Anderson Thomson, Jr., MD., with a forward by none other than Richard Dawkins! Dr. Thomson, a highly respected practicing psychiatrist with credentials in forensic psychiatry and evolutionary psychology, methodically investigates the components and causes of religious belief in the same way any scientist would investigate the movement of astronomical bodies or the evolution of life over time - that is, as a purely natural phenomenon. Paperback, 144 pages.
K-WomEncyMyth.jpg Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets Price: $34.00
By Barbar Walker.
Learn new facts on seemingly secular concepts and new twists on religious folklore.
Paperback, 450 pages.
K-YoungWomen.gif Young Women of Achievement: A Resource for Girls in Science, Math, and Technology Price: $18.00
By Frances Karnes and Kristen Stephens. This upbeat, useful resource guide will give young women everything they need to start exploring and planning a career in science, math, or technology. From introducing available career opportunities to personal stories of achievement and historical references, as well as an experiential journal, this is a complete read for all young women. Paperback, 233 pages.
K-HumMagMJ2014.jpg The Humanist Magazine, May/June 2014 Price: $2.00
The May/June 2014 Edition contains all of these hot topics:

Paths to People

The Pathfinders have been to rural Cambodia, teaching English to children at dawn before they head off to the rice fields. We have sung science songs with students in Uganda while teaching them to use computers. In Ghana we have educated junior high school students about hygiene, HIV/AIDS, and menstruation....

The Benefit Corporation

Imagine, if you will, a paradigm shift to…

Papal Economics

Since its release on November 24, 2013, Pope…

The Materialist in Her Bathtub

The materialism of people in the United States…

Cosmopolitanism & Humanism I felt at home wandering the Taj Lifestyle…

...and much more!

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