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Unitarian Universalist

"We have a great collection of Unitarian Universalist gifts. Bumper stickers, emblems, UU Chalaces, lapel pins, jewelry, just what you need for the UU friends in your life. "
E-UUChaliceCutOut.png UU Flaming Chalice Emblem Price: $7.00
Our emblem features a cut-out center, accentuating the classic flaming Chalice. The chalice and the flame were brought together as a Unitarian symbol by an Austrian artist, Hans Deutsch, in 1941. This design is also available as a lapel pin. Approx. 4" diameter.
B-Coexist.png Coexist Button Price: $2.00 More Info
Q-UUChalice.png UU Chalice Vinyl Sticker Price: $4.00
Celebrate your tolerant, inclusive faith with this popular Unitarian Universalist Flaming Chalice!
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coexist sticker cutout cut-out sticker coexist jewish christian muslim atheism  coexist  sticker cutout white red black green Coexist vinyl cut-out sticker Price: $5.00
The classic "COEXIST" sticker in a vinyl cut out! Tolerance from all sides is important, use this sticker to remind passers by of that fact! 6"
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J-UU_Earring.jpg Unitarian Universalist UU Flaming Chalice Earrings
This symbol has an absolutely fascinating history; click "more info" to learn all about it!

These custom-made gold or rhodium-plated earrings come in two sizes: Large, with a diameter of 1 inch (2.54 cm) for $22.00; and Small, with a diameter of 3/4 inch (1.91 cm) for $16.50. (Rhodium is comparable to white gold or platinum.)

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J-UU_Bracelet.png Unitarian Universalist UU Flaming Chalice Bracelet Price: $30.00
The UU Flaming Chalice bracelet is handsome and delicate comes in gold or silver-plate. This UU Chalice bracelet features seven versions of the Unitarian Universalist flaming chalice symbol.
Dimensions: 7 x 1 inches (17.78 x 2.54 cm).
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J-UU_Necklace.gif UU Unitarian Chalice Necklace Price: $48.00
This delightful necklace features 13 separate versions of the UU chalice, each connected to its neighbor by a single link of chain. The largest element is 1.25 inches (3 cms) and the smallest on the ends are 3/4 inch (2 cms). Choose from gold or rhodium plating.
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J-UUdogtagB.png Unitarian Universalist UU Dog Tag Price: $10.00
This double-sided dog tag features the popular flaming chalice design as well as a Unitarian creed of conduct and beliefs. Comes ready to wear with a 24" steel ball chain.
P-UniBurg-Pin.gif Unitarian Symbol, Burgundy Lapel Pin Price: $9.00
Gold Unitarian logo on dark red enamel; lapel pin or tie clasp with chain.
Approximately 3/4-inch (1.91 cm) in diameter. As of April 2014, we don't have any of these lapel pins left. But we do have the same design as a tie tack. Same basic item, but the post if about 1/8 inch longer. Works great for a coat lapel. Not so good on a thin shirt. See them at.. http://www.evolvefish.com/fish/pins.html#1341
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