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For those customers who like - or need - to wear ties, we offer a wide assortment of classy, high-quality options. So whether you are a waiter or waitress that needs something to match the black pants, or a man (or woman!) who likes to wear a shirt and tie, check out our selection. It is true, what they say: "Ev'ry girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man."

atheist atom tie american atheist clothing classy dress suit neck tie Atheist Atom Tie Price: $18.00
This multi-colored Atheist Atom tie comes in 3 varieties, Black, Blue and Red. What better way to spruce up your dress suit than with a bit of science and reason?
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M-DNA-Tie-in-box.gif Blue DNA Helix Neck Tie Price: $21.95
This clever DNA helix tie has been immensely popular! Even the God of Reason himself, Richard Dawkins, was snapped wearing it on his latest visit to Colorado Springs! Click on image to see his handsome self.
M-NeckTieDNAblue.png DNA Neck Tie Price: $18.00
Here's a spiralling DNA molecule, represented in shiny silver vinyl on a top-quality, pale blue or black tie. Perfect for the science-supporting suit-wearer, and it looks especially good with your white lab coat!
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M-FSM-PirateFishTie.png Flying Spaghetti Monster / Pirate Fish Neck Tie Price: $18.00
Flying Spaghetti Monster / Pirate Fish Neck Tie. Here's a high-quality neck tie, featuring the two main characters from the Church of Noodles! Available in black or blue. Choose your color from the drop-down menu.
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M-FSM-NecktieBlk.png Flying Spaghetti Monster Neck Ties Price: $18.00
Flying Spaghetti Monster Neck Ties. For Pastafarians needing something just a little more formal, here we have the new FSM neck tie! Featuring four dancing FSM's on a high-quality tie, this is guaranteed to start conversations at that science faculty dinner party! Choose your color from the drop-down menu.
M-HumanistTie.png Humanist Neck Tie Price: $18.00
Humanist Neck Tie. These high-quality ties feature a line of four happy Humanists in silver. This is always a great conversation starter, as the Humanist symbol is still little-known in the USA. Your other dinner guests will be intrigued when you start to tell them about Humanism! Tie available in black or blue.
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J-HumTieBar.png Humanist Tie Bar Price: $7.00
Humanist Tie Bar. Don't let your tie go naked! This attractive tie clasp is sure to match most of the ties in your closet! The bar itself measures 2.25", and the Happy Humanist image is 1" long by 5/8" wide. Click on image for a close-up.
DNA science scientist tie formal gift man father grad cell division mitosis Mitosis Tie, Blue on Ivory Price: $21.95
Science comes to life! This clever tie actually depicts the various stages of cell division known as Mitosis. (This particular graphic represents stages for an onion.) Stunning.
M-NeckTiepeaceBlk.png Neck Tie Peace Sign, Black Price: $20.00
Great for Peace supporters who wear ties at work. A fashionable black tie with colored peace signs arranged on it.
M-DNAWordsTie.png Scientific Terms DNA Tie, black with multi colors Price: $21.95
Scientific Terms DNA Tie. Your favorite science professor or family doctor will love this premium-quality, black tie. Both front and rear of the tie are covered in bold, colorful words related to DNA research, So many learning opportunities, too. Wearing this will make you the undisputed star of the faculty party!
M-DNAStripedTie.png Striped Helix DNA Tie Price: $12.00
Three dimensional striped DNA helix tie. This tie has vibrant blue hues with a helix that truly stands out! Black and blue stripes with a blue helix which fades out on the top and bottom. Great gift for a science lover!
P-UniTealGreenPin.gif Unitarian Tie Tack, Teal Price: $9.00
This eye-catching tie tack (with chain) will stop your tie flapping around in the breeze, and is approximately 3/4" in diameter.
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