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Peace Products

"Lots of peace buttons, peace magnets, peace shirts, peace jewelry, peace flags, peace stickers, peace pins, peace patches.... for all tastes and one worldly objective. "
"We offer wearable peace signs, stickers for display on your car, wall locker, window. and Peace themed magnets for file cabinets, and much more"
If You Want Peace Renounce Jesus and Allah religion Christianity Islam button If You Want Peace Renounce Jesus and Allah button Price: $2.00
If You Want Peace Renounce Jesus and Allah button. It's a shame we can't bring these two cult figures to trial, for inciting centuries of hysteria, violence and genocide. Their deluded followers are really the ones to blame, but without the cults of Jesus and Allah, the world would have been a much more peaceful place. Diameter: 1-1/4"
B-AtheismCures.png Atheism Cures Religious Terrorism button Price: $2.00
Peace Swirl license Plate car truck van Peace Swirl License Plate Price: $15.00
This groove-adelic Peace Swirl License Plate can be displayed in many US states, where you are free to choose your own front plate for your vehicle. So choose choice, by choosing this swirly rainbow peace plate! Made of aluminum, dimensions; approx. 12" x 6" (Note: the following states are the only ones that do not officially require a front plate - AL, AZ, AR, DE, FL, GA, IN, KS, KY, LA, MI, MS, NM, NC, OK, PA, SC, TN, and WV.)
M-PeacePatches.gif Peace Patches Price: $4.95
Here are some great iron-on Peace Patches, available in shocking pink, green, blue, or rainbow tie-dyed style colors. These heat-transfer printed Peace Patches are for folks of every peace-loving persuasion! Diameter about 3".
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Peace Flags Banner Rainbow colors anti-war Rainbow Peace Banner, Large Price: $34.00
Peace Flags Banner - Rainbow colors. This colorful banner features 9 pennants on a string (measuring 11 x 10 inches, 27.9cm x 25.4cm each), with the words for peace in different languages (English, Russian, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Latin, etc) in a rainbow spectrum, symbolizing unity in diversity.
B-PeaceSymbol.gif Peace Sign Button White on Black Price: $2.00
A white Peace symbol on a metal button. Good to wear along with your REQUIRED American Flag, and "God Bless America" buttons.
Diameter: 1-1/4 inches (3.2cm) Political Button
B-WWJDoProtestWar.gif What Would Jesus Do? Protest Against War Button Price: $2.00
What Would Jesus Do? Protest Against War Button.
Dia: 1-1/4" (3.2cm).
J-PeaceEarRingWire.gif Peace Earrings Wire Style - Sterling Silver Price: $19.50
The sterling silver peace sign comes as a pair of wire-style earrings. These are the classic style peace symbols, and are beautifully made. Choose from a small .25" diameter mini version for $9.00 or a large .75" diameter bold version for $19.50.
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S-NoOppress.jpg No One Is Free When Others Are Oppressed Sticker Price: $2.00
No One Is Free When Others Are Oppressed Sticker. Available as a full-size (11" x 3") and a mini-size (4-3/4" x 1-3/4") sticker. Political liberal antiBush sticker.
Mini-NO $1.50
Full-Size $2.00
S-IfTerrorIsWar.jpg If Terrorism Is A Form of Warfare Sticker Price: $2.00
Ask your mad Republican uncle this question next time he's screaming for more war and death. Dimensions: 5 x 3-1/4 inches, (12.7cm x 9.5cm).
S-WLECWarLeavEverChil.gif War Leaves Every Child Behind Sticker Price: $2.50
Measures: 6 x 3.4 in. (15.2 x 9.5 cm)
Enjoy Peace Coca-Cola Coke Corn Syrup anti war Sticker Enjoy Peace Coca-Cola Parody Sticker Price: $2.00
Enjoy Peace Coca-Cola Parody Sticker. Sing along, now: "I'd like to teach the world... about Peace!" Maybe we need to bribe the worlds' warmongers with giant corn syrup sodas...
Dimensions: 7" x 5-1/2"
Peace Symbol Back By Popular Demand sticker Peace Symbol Back By Popular Demand sticker Price: $2.50
Peace Symbol Back By Popular Demand sticker. We can't take it any more, and we can't afford it, either. Peace is what we're all demanding!
Dimensions: 6" x 3-1/2".
Will you f...n keep it down! The rest of us are trying to live in Peace, sticker Will you f...n keep it down! The rest of us are trying to live in Peace, sticker Price: $2.00
Will you f...n keep it down! The rest of us are trying to live in Peace, sticker. Once the religious nuts of the world have bombed, shot, and blasted themselves into a richly deserved oblivion, then maybe we can all live in peace. Here's to that glorious day... Dimensions: 11-1/2" x 3"
S-YouSayDream.gif You May Say I'm A Dreamer Department of Peace Sticker Price: $2.00
Like the lyrics to the beautiful song by John Lennon, "Imagine," this sticker challenges people to imagine a country with a department of the federal government created to promote and institute Peace! A dove carrying an olive branch in the center and the Latin phrase "hic habitat felicitas" meaning "here lies happiness," in the ribbon below implies that promoting peace leads to a happy society! It is not a new idea; it is not an outrageous one; yet it is a controversial one! Click the title to see the seal closer.
M-PeaceFlagPatch.jpg Peace Flag Patch Price: $5.00
Dimensions: 3-1/4 x 2 inches (8.3cm x 5.1cm).
J-WorldPeaceNeck-Trans.gif World Peace Necklace Price: $15.00
Pendant is 1-1/2 inches (3.8 cm)in diameter and comes on a 23-inch (58.4 cm)leather necklace.
S-PeaceHendrix.gif When the Power of Love Jimi Hendrix Sticker Price: $2.00
Iconic Jimi Hendrix once made this powerful statement, which is more true today than ever. Dimensions: 2-1/2 x 11 (6.35 x 27.94 cm)
T-PeaceAroundTheWorld-Detai.png Peace Around The World T-Shirt Price: $20.00
This delightful dove graphic is printed on a high-quality poly-blend shirt in the size and style of your choice.
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MA-PeaceBack.gif Peace Back by Popular Demand Magnet Price: $3.90
Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches (5.1cm x 7.6cm). Political antiWar liberal magnet.
And the World Changed Greeting Card Price: $1.50
This beautiful sentiment would be a bright greeting to send, or would serve well as a framed print. Card comes with envelope and is blank inside.
B-WNIFWarNotIn.gif War Not In Front of the Children Button Price: $2.00
War - Not In Front of the Children Please, Button. Great general anti-war statement. Diameter is 1.25".
Peace sign symbol gold earrings jewelry coexist jewellery Peace Sign Gold Earrings Price: $22.00
Peace Sign Gold Earrings. These wire earrings show the classic peace symbol in bright, shiny gold. Diameter: approx. 1/2" (1.3cm)
Peace sign symbol silver earrings jewelry coexist jewellery Three Peace Sign Dangle Earrings Sterling Silver Price: $23.00
Spread the peace message three times over with these very shiny, stylish earrings. Dimensions: approx. 1-1/2" x 1/2" from top to bottom. Each is independently hinged for a wonderful play of movement.
J-PeaceHand3D-Chain.jpg Peace Hand Charm Sterling Silver Price: $9.00
Peace Hand Charm Sterling Silver. The classic two-fingered peace sign, in shiny sterling silver. This symbol has survived through several generations, and it's as relevant now as it ever was. Dimensions: approx. 1/2" high. Chains sold separately, view them here .
T-StopWarMachineSmall.gif Stop The War Machine T-Shirt Price: $18.00
Stop The War Machine t-shirt. America's corporate war machine siphons off trillions of taxpayers' dollars every year, and for what? So the US Government's five-decade killing spree can continue - for a profit. The money then buys off hypocritical 'pro-life' politicians, and the whole cycle of death and destruction continues. It's the system that makes America the envy of the world.
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Twin Doves Womens Cut T-shirt peace Twin Doves Womens Cut T-shirt Price: $25.00
Here's a design that's somewhat like the vintage swallows shirt, but it features peace doves instead. Gold peace doves on a black T-shirt.
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T-PeaceSignsLine.gif Peace Signs Line, Unisex
A more subtle but still noticeable statement, this comfortable black cotton shirt features a line of silver peace symbols down the right side.
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M-NeckTiepeaceBlk.png Neck Tie Peace Sign, Black Price: $20.00
Great for Peace supporters who wear ties at work. A fashionable black tie with colored peace signs arranged on it.
J-SilBlkPeacBrac.jpg Peace Symbol Bracelet Silver and Black Price: $80.00
Ten silver and black peace symbols comprise this classic good-looking sterling silver bracelet. It's a real eye-catcher!
Full bracelet is is 8-1/4 inches in length with 1/2-inch diameter peace symbols. Comes in velvet gift bag.
J-DanglPeaceBrac.jpg Dangling Peace Symbols Bracelet Price: $42.00
Peace anyone? This sterling silver bracelet features six dangling peace symbols.
Bracelet chain is 7 inches long and the peace charms are 3/16" in diameter.
Believe in Love sticker peace anti-war tolerance coexist Believe in Love sticker Price: $2.00
Believe in Love sticker. What became of peace, love and understanding? See if you can identify all the different symbols and icons on this great sticker! Dimensions: 11" x 3"
Peace symbol Round COLOR Sticker Peace w/ Stars Round COLOR Sticker Price: $3.50
Peace w/ Stars Round COLOR Sticker. Here's a colorful new peace symbol sticker that looks great stuck on a window, with the light shining through! Diameter: approx. 4-1/2"
Live in Peace and Love ROUND sticker religious symbols Live in Peace and Love ROUND sticker Price: $2.00
Live in Peace and Love ROUND sticker. This great new 6" diameter, blue 'n' white sticker features 18 different symbols of belief (and non-belief) around the perimeter. See how many of these ancient and modern religious symbols you can recognize!
G-USFlagBlackPeace.gif US Flag with Peace Sign magnet Price: $3.90
With our military budget nearing more than all other nations combined, its important that we remember that with all our influence, peace should be the example we are setting for the rest of the world
Rainbow Peace Sign kids childrens t-shirt Children's Rainbow Peace Sign t-shirt Price: $15.00
Children's Rainbow Peace Sign t-shirt. Here's a smaller version of the tye-dye rainbow shirt, with that great big peace sign on it. Perfect for junior peace-lovers everywhere! Choose your size from the drop-down menu. Please note that Small is not available.
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Sunshine Peace button solar panels renewable energy CO2 fossil fuels green revolution Sunshine Peace button Price: $2.00
Sunshine Peace button. Here's a new sunshine-y button for the summer season! It's a peace button, it's a pro-renewable energy button, and it's a celebration of blue skies and sunshine - all rolled into one! Diameter: 1-1/4"
Peace Dove with Olive Branch Pin gold rhodium Peace Dove with Olive Branch Pin Price: $20.00
The dove, symbol of peace, gently extending the olive branch of good wishes and friendship. A lovely reminder to do something nice for someone when you can, and bring a sense of peace and tranquility into your life. Pin is Rhodium plated (a precious metal that doesn't tarnish or look worn).
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Peace Banner symbols mini flags Peace Rainbow Flag String, Mini Price: $22.00
Peace Banner, 7 symbols, mini. Now our hopes for peace can ride on the wind! These are 7 small flags on a string, with the words for peace in different languages (Arabic, Chinese, Sanskrit, Russian, Hebrew, Latin) in attractive rainbow colors. Each of these little flags is 8" tall by 6" wide.
another-peas-apron-sfty.gif Give Peas a Chance Apron Price: $19.95
Aw, c'mon - give peas a chance! Here is Stephanie proudly showing off her domestic side as she models our newest apparel item. A great gift for the peace-loving cook of the house. Click on image for close-up of design. One size fits most.
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