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Peace Products

"Lots of peace buttons, peace magnets, peace shirts, peace jewelry, peace flags, peace stickers, peace pins, peace patches.... for all tastes and one worldly objective. "
"We offer wearable peace signs, stickers for display on your car, wall locker, window. and Peace themed magnets for file cabinets, and much more"
B-FlagwithDove.gif American Flag with Peace Dove Button Price: $2.00
American Flag with Peace Dove Button.
Dia: 1.75" (4.5cm). Political button.
B-PeaceAround.gif Peace Around the World Button Price: $2.00
Peace Around the World Button.
Dia: 1-3/4" (4.5cm). Political antiWar button.
J-PeaceRhinePendL.jpg Peace Sign Pendant RHINESTONES Large Gold Price: $12.00
Peace Symbol Rhinestone pendant. Here's a pendant that really makes a statement. A large gold-colored peace symbol packed with shiny rhinestones. This will get you noticed anywhere! Diameter: 1.5"
J-PeaceBlkEnamSil.gif Sterling Silver/Black Enamel Peace Pendant Price: $12.00
This high polish sterling silver pendant measures .5" in diameter with a .75" drop. The black enamel provides a stunning contrast and really helps the peace design to stand out! Chains sold separately, view them here . We also have beautiful matching earrings; click here to view them.
peace button language paco frieden hoa binh paz paix fred Peace Button Multi-Language 2.25 Price: $2.00
This clever, colorful button design has the word "peace" spelled out in several different languages, from French to Arabic. A great addition to any peace-promoter's wardrobe! Diameter is 2.25".
sterling silver jewelry pendant peace sign symbol  word Peace Sign Pendant with Peace Word Sterling Silver Price: $12.00
This sterling silver peace symbol features a double "Peace" proclamation so that it cannot be missed! The iconic peace symbol is overlaid with the word PEACE in bold print. Pendant measures .75" in diameter. We also have matching earrings available; you can view them here.
P-Patriot4Peace.gif Patriot For Peace, round, Lapel Pin Price: $4.00
A much-needed combination of the concept of Patriotism with a Peace sign. The ideal lapel pin for all of us peace-loving Americans. 1" diameter (2.5cm)
T-PeaceSignsLineW.gif Peace Signs Line, Women's
The women's cut version of our Peace Signs shirt, this comfortable black cotton shirt features a line of pink peace symbols down the right side.
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S-BelLovePeace.gif Believe in Love; Believe in Peace Sticker Price: $2.00
Believe in Love and Peace Sticker. Similar to our other popular Coexist products, this sticker also has a poignant message. With symbols of various religions and belief systems, it puts forth a humanitarian message. Measures 3" x 11".
M-PeacePatch.gif Peace Sign Patch Price: $5.00
Diameter: 3 inches (7.62 cm).
M-PeaceCard.gif Peace Card with Charms Necklace Price: $7.50
This full-color card measures 5.5" x 4.25" (folded) and is blank inside for a personalized message. Enclosed is a charm pendant with a 6/16" peace symbol, a 1" long PEACE charm, and a colored bead and pearl, all on an 18" chain. A moving tribute to Peace. Item hand made from lead-free safe pewter right here in Colorado!
Peace Coin silver Lapel Pin Peace Coin Lapel Pin Price: $4.00
Here's great-looking metallic pin for your lapel. The pin has a unpolished finish and is approximately 1" in diameter. The word peace stands out nicely against the antique coin style background. Muted metallic tones of bronze, copper, and silver (our choice please). Stock up now, because when they're gone, they're gone.
P-PeaceFlagLapel.gif Peace Flag Lapel Pin, 1.5 inch Price: $5.00
Dimensions: 1-1/2" x 1" This flag design is also available as an emblem, a sticker, a T-shirt, and a sew-on patch.

P-PeaceHandFlag.gif Peace Hand with Flag Pattern Lapel Pin Price: $3.50
This is a small version of the 2 fingered peace sign with a U.S. flag laying inside the symbol. Pin measures approximately .75" long by .5" wide.
P-PeaceSignChrome.gif Peace Sign Chrome Lapel Pin Price: $4.00
A relatively small and classy looking peace sign lapel pin. Measures .75" in diameter.
P-PeaceGlobe.gif Peace Sign over Globe Lapel Pin Price: $4.00
A stylish depiction of planet earth with a peace sign laying over it. Diameter: approx. 1"
P-PeaceSignSmallBlack.gif Peace Sign, Black Lapel Pin Price: $4.50
A very small peace sign lapel pin in silver with a black background. Measures .5" in diameter.
P-StopUsAggression.gif Stop US Aggression Abroad Lapel Pin Price: $3.50
Which other country inflicts so much death and destruction on other sovereign nations? Not Iraq, North Korea, Venezuela, China or France, that's for sure...Measures 1" in diameter.
War is Terrorism Too Iraq Afghanistan Iran Syria Venezuela Lapel pin War is Terrorism Too Lapel Pin Price: $3.50
Because war terrorizes, even if we do it. How can we set a moral example for the world if we just carry on bombing and killing relentlessly? This silver peace sign and slogan is on a black enamel background. Measures 1" in diameter.
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