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Mouse Pads - Freethought, Atheist, Equality, FSM, and more!

Express yourself at the office! Our subtle (or sometimes not so much) mouse pads will serve as a comfortable display for your freethought ideals! And help to keep you company when you think you're all alone out there.

M-AnyImageMousePad.gif Any Image Gel Base Mousepad Price: $19.95
The Any Image Gel Mouse Pad lets you put the image or message of your choice on your mouse pad. The pad also features a gel wrist rest. The mouse pad is approximately 10-1/4 x 9 inches (26cm x 23cm)
Check out our Sample Images for ideas, or send us your own idea and/or artwork.
Please use the "Ordering Instructions, split shipments, etc." field on the order screen to tell us which image you want on the mouse pad. Please note -- the AnyImage products are NOT Returnable. They are a custom item made individually just for you.
M-WellBehavPinkMouse.gif Well Behaved Women Pink Mousepad with Gel Wrist Rest Price: $12.00
This ultra-comfy mousepad boasts a great statement - and a warning! - to co-workers and family alike. Great for those tiny cubicles with little opportunity for self-expression; or right on the Prez's desk! Be bold!
born again pagan druid wiccan neolithic prehistoric neanderthal man extinct mousepad mouse pad Born Again Pagan Brown Mousepad with Gel Wrist Rest Price: $12.00
Born Again Pagan Brown Mousepad with Gel Wrist Rest. Here's a new mousepad that celebrates the original Pagan computer users who designed Windows! And it's a good way of celebrating your own chosen path, e'er that be at home or at work. Printed in an earthy brown, with cool tree root-style lettering.
M-ThankAtheistMouse.gif Thank God Iím an Atheist Mousepad with Gel Wrist Rest Price: $12.00
Our newest mouse pad! Thank God I'm an Atheist stands out proudly against your choice of a black starry sky background or a blue swirl background. Ultra-comfy gel pad keeps your hand happy too!
M-FSMyellowonblack.gif FSM Mousepad Price: $12.00
Here is our happy God to guard over your mouse with his noodly goodness. Our mouse pads features a "heavenly" gel wrist rest that makes using them as fun as looking at them!
M-AtheistMousePads.gif Non-Believers Mouse Pad Price: $9.00
This is a nice way to share your ideas without being too direct. And you get to select with Atheist or Humanist image best fits your outlook. The A inside several circles (atom symbol) was the first modern recognized Atheist symbol. It was adopted by the American Atheists. The A with a single circle around it was the winner of a selection contest held by Atheist Alliance International. The red A with a thin leg is being used by the Dawkins "Out Campaign". The Human-like characters are used by the American Humanist Association.
M-DarMouse.gif Darwin Fish Mouse Pad Price: $9.00
At last, a Darwin Fish mouse pad. A royal blue sea for these Darwin FISH to swim in! How could your office buddies possibly take offense at one of these?
Dimensions: 8 x 7-1/2 inches (20cm x 19cm).
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