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Conversations With Opa: Sharing Wisdom About the Universe and Lesser Things [Paperback] Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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"Where did everything come from, Opa? I mean the stars, the planets, and life on earth. What are the origins of the universe?" So begins this charming cross-generational dialogue featuring Quintana, a curious young girl, and Albert, her octogenarian godfather. She calls him "Opa" ("Grandfather"), and despite their age difference, she considers him to be her best friend. From age ten to fifteen, Quintana often visits her Opa in the comfortable, screened-in veranda of his Honolulu home, only three blocks from the ocean. A tall, thin man, with a shock of white hair and piercing blue eyes, Albert is worldly wise, fluent in eight languages, and a virtual encyclopedia of information. He is also kindly, sensitive, and patient, just the right person to feed the intellectual hunger of the precocious Quintana. In a friendly, engaging give-and-take, Quintana and Albert cover many deep topics, from the origins and nature of the universe and how life began on earth, to questions about morality, religion, science, happiness, and even death. In one chapter, they compile a list of the ten greatest accomplishments of humans. In another, they explore how the world must change if all humans are to have the best chance for lasting contentment. Parents looking for a book to stimulate their child's intellectual curiosity on many subjects and provide the most reliable information available will find Conversations with Opa to be the perfect choice.
Write a review | No reviews for this product.