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Evolve Fish Silver Emblem Price: $6.00 Write a review | No reviews for this product.
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We offer this emblem in the traditional 5 inch plastic with a foil coating ($6), a chrome plated metal emblem that shines brighter and lasts longer ($19), and a small, 3 inch plastic with foil version. The magnetic backings for these emblems are most suitable for use on file cabinets and refrigerators. If your desire is the put it on a car and leave it there, stick with the sticky tape backing. But if you want to display it on your rental car, or take it off before parking at church, the magnetic backing is a good way to go.

An early customer, a medical doctor in California, asked us to "evolve" the Darwin fish further. He wanted it to have a stethoscope around it's neck. But fish don't have necks, and a stethoscope would be very hard to make at this size in molded plastic. So we got creative. We decided to use a wrench instead, and put it in a hand. Thus a tool user was born. Express your freethought, pro-Science views with our Evolved tool user! Great as family member icons on the back of vehicles.

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EvolveFISH! The next step on evolution's ladder comes with a two-way adhesive strip on the back. Choose a standard tape backing or, for removable fun, select an attached magnetic backing for $1.00 more. This design is also available in regular sticker format, also a cap, a vinyl cut-out sticker and also a lapel pin.

The Evolve fish emblem is copyrighted and is the trademark of EvolveFISH.com. No unauthorized use is permitted. Thanks for your understanding, and don't be fooled by all those imitators!

Write a review | No reviews for this product.