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Cthulhu Stickers, Jewelry, Buttons, and more!

H.P. Lovecraft's creation comes to life with our large assortment of Cthulhu inspired products! From bat-like wings to tentacled appendages, this monster from the deep has evolved into such a realistic creature that one wonders if perhaps Lovecraft simply knew something the rest of us don't!

Originally published in 1928, Lovecraft’s short story revealed a malevolent entity hibernating within an underwater city in the South Pacific called R'lyeh. Worshipped by a number of religions, and subconsciously feared by all of mankind, the story maintains that the mighty beast will one day rise from his murky depths. In the words of his worshippers, "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn", which translates to "in his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming."

The mythos has proven so popular that Call of Cthulhu, a horror fiction role playing game named after Lovecraft's short story, evolved in 1981, with several subsequent additions. 



cthulha monster emblem car plaque atheist darwin fish cthulhu evolvefish darwin fish car plaque emblem shirt sticker button Cthulhu Emblem Price: $7.00
Cthulhu was a fictional cosmic entity created by horror author HP Lovecraft in 1926, first appearing in his short story "The Call of Cthulhu." It is often cited for the extreme descriptions given of its hideous appearance, its gargantuan size, and the abject terror that it evokes. So be afraid!
M-CthulhuMints.png Cthulhu Mints Price: $3.00
We're just speculating here, but it would seem that a hideous, tentacle-faced monster like Cthulhu could have some seriously nasty breath. Perhaps if he just had a tin of these mints he might have a more positive attitude? Each 2.25" (5.7 cm) round tin contains about one hundred peppermints.
H P Lovecraft Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos Call of the Cthulhu Necronomicon atheist tshirt shirt tee Cthulhu Fish T-Shirt Price: $18.66
Answer the call of Cthulhu with this Lovecraftian horror in fish form on one of our 100% cotton T-Shirts!
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Q-Cthulhu hp lovecraft monster cthulhu atheist lovecraft cthulhu atheism monster fish darwin fish evolvefish cthulhu fish Cthulhu Fish Cut-Out Vinyl Sticker Price: $4.00
Here is our rendition of Lovecraft's iconic Cthulhu creature! Some have likened Cthulhu to a God; others see him as a demon; Many today see it as similar to the Flying Spaghetti Monster - a fictitious God who can be appeased by wearing his garb!
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h p lovecraft, necronomicon, cthulhu, fantasy sticker call of the cthulhu Hail Cthulhu Sticker Price: $2.00
From the frightening mind of H.P. Lovecraft comes this tribute - a sticker honoring the Mighty Cthulhu. Can you hear the call? Sticker measures 3" x 11."
Cthulhu H P Lovecraft Necronomicon mythos monster patch clothing Cthulhu Fish Patch, gold and silver on navy Price: $5.00
Anyone who has enjoyed curling up with one of Lovecraft's poetic tales of terror will recognize the Cthulhu! A monster of his imagination, (or was it?!), the Cult of the Cthulhu has been calling to us. This beautifully embroidered iron-on tribute will certainly appease him upon his return! Measures 2" x 4".
B-Cthulhu.png Cthulhu Button Price: $2.00
Our own version of H.P. Lovecraft's monster is rendered in a brilliantly colored button. The perfect compliment to our other emblem-themed designs, it is a great way to display your fondness for the mythos gaining popularity around the world. Diameter is 1.25".
J-CthulhuEarWrap.png Cthulhu Pewter Ear Wrap Price: $32.00
Those who admire Lovecraft's monstrous creature can proudly sport a tentacled ear decoration! This piece wraps around the ear, while the piercing goes through the ear and continues the artistic rendition to the back. A very clever design of a very beloved creature! Overall length 3.25"; width is 2.75"; for pierced ears. Designed to be worn on the left ear.
Cthulhu lovecraft h.p. howard phillips ry'leh call of the charm keychain key backpack zipper pull Cthulhu Charm Price: $4.00
At 1" square (with a .75" drop from clip) this Cthulhu charm is perfect as a zipper pull on backpacks and luggage, a colorful addition to a set of keys, even a great clip for technology devices! Creative folks can even attach a jump ring and make a clever pendant. Comes in an attractive clear box perfect for gift giving.
Cthulhu lovecraft h.p. howard phillips ry'leh call of the christmas hanukkah ornament tree Cthulhu Ornament, Green with Santa Hat Price: $8.00
This adorable Cthulhu ornament is a perfect addition to any holiday tree! The monstrous beast hardly looks terrifying in his festive Santa hat, despite the numerous tentacles! Ornament measures 4.5" long by 2.75" wide and .5" deep (with hat). Comes boxed with string for hanging. Hand made of clay so each is a personal piece of art!
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