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Another exciting area of Freethought Publishing lies in the realm of COMPACT DISKS! The leader in this field is the Bank of Wisdom Series by Emmett Fields, but there are new products appearing frequently. Some are pure text presentations of great freethought works; some contain images of book pages from freethought classics. Still others are spoken-word presentations. Read the descriptions carefully to make sure you know what you are ordering, and feel free to contact us if anything is unclear.
NOTE: These are CD-ROM's which are meant to be accessed with the CD drives of computers. They do NOT work in audio CD players. These items are non-returnable, unless truly defective. Please note most of these have no audio component but are searchable text documents.
CD-America.jpg America: The Historic Facts CD-ROM Price: $24.95
This CD-ROM includes books about many great movements in American history: women's suffrage, Lincoln, the Vatican, and the "Omitted Chapters of History Disclosed in the Life and Papers of Edmund Randolph"; to name but a few. This CD-ROM is part of a series compiled and edited by Emmett Fields, and contains great illustrations from the original books.
Requires Adobe Acrobat software to view.
CD-Paine.jpg An Appreciation of Thomas Paine, CD Price: $24.95
This incredible CD includes the 10-volume "Life and writings of Thomas Paine," the 4-volume "The Writings of Thomas Paine," Paine's "The Age of Reason," and John Remsburg's "Thomas Paine the Apostle of Religious and Political Liberty".
Requires Adobe Acrobat software to view.
CD-IntroFree.jpg An Introduction to Freethought CD Price: $24.95
Includes 400 Years of Freethought, A Biographical Dictionary of Freethinkers, The Age of Reason, and other works by John E. Remsburg, L.K. Washburn, and numerous other works. Great for copying quotes from freethought material. Paste them right into your emails and newsletters.
CD-Atheism.jpg Atheism: The Struggle Against Superstition Price: $24.95

The most deadly form of insanity is the Obsessional Neuroses commonly called "religion." This aggressive and contagious mental health disorder has caused more death and suffering than any other communicable disease.

At the root of this disease is the delusion that impossible creatures and worlds exist - angels, gods, saints, hells, heavens, etc., and that these imaginary beings demand mind-deadening obedience.

In its advanced stages this insanity destroys all sense of right and wrong, and the most ghastly crimes become saintly acts. The terrorist attacks of September 11th and the 'War on Terrorism' are the latest products of this insanity.

Science must launch an ongoing study of this deadly disease in all its forms, to find how it might be cured or controlled. This insanity cannot be suppressed by force as it thrives on persecution - both to suffer and to inflict - so it must be treated in other ways yet to be discovered.

CD-FactsFree.jpg Facts of Freethought CD Price: $24.95
From past massacres and medieval torture devices to the future of Christianity, this CD is full of must-have freethinker knowledge.
CD-FreeBible.jpg Freethought and the Bible CD Price: $24.95
Includes "The Jefferson Bible" by Thomas Jefferson and numerous other works including "Is the Bible Worth Reading?" "Evenings with the Skeptics,""Bible Myths and their Parallels in Other Religions," and more.
CD-HistWom.gif History of Woman's Suffrage CD Price: $24.95
The History of Woman's suffrage consists of six thick volumes by hardhitters such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. This is the magnificent, fact filled, poignant History of those wonderful women who refused to "Submit Gracefully."
CD-Unholy.jpg The Unholy Inquisition CD Price: $24.95
The volumes on this CD-ROM cover a history of the Inquisition of the Dark Ages in Europe and includes an in-depth look at Spain by the former secretary of the Inquisition in Spain. A great new look at some unsettling history.
CD-Vatican.jpg The Vatican: World's Oldest Political Machine Price: $24.95
For sixteen hundred years the Vatican has been a political force in the Western World, during those long years the suffering of humanity was directly proportioned to the degree of political control the Vatican could wield. The thousand years when the Vatican had absolute political control were known as the 'Dark Ages'. And those times when the Vatican's political power was in decline are known as the 'Renaissance,' and the 'Enlightenment', and were times of great progress and scientific investigation.

The works of history presented on this CD-ROM represent the highest degree of research and historic scholarship produced upon this subject. Again and again, individual research has produced the same historic facts; facts of political intrigue and corruption that destroys governments, causes endless wars, unrest, persecution and suffering - all in the name of religion. These magnificent studies of the past explain world troubles today, troubles that will continue as long as the Vatican is allowed to dominate national and international politics for its own power and profit. No reading can be more entertaining, stimulating and enlightening than the awful facts of political religion.
CD-Jefferson.gif The Writings of Thomas Jefferson CD Price: $24.95
The name of Thomas Jefferson, and the Government and being of the United States of America are inseparable. Lately Mr. Jefferson's reputation and beliefs have been attacked by those who would destroy the work he did.

This important 20 volume set by Andrew A. Lipscomb, Editor in Chief, 1903-1905, prove Jefferson's beliefs from his own words. Also added have been 38 Religious Quotes from Jefferson that are linked to his letters in this set -- and there are many others -- that prove Jefferson was too great to be a Christian.

Also on this CD-ROM, "American State Papers and Related Documents On Freedom In Religion," this book documents the rise of Religious Liberty in America, from Christian establishment under Puritanism through the Constitution, and Court Cases to maintain, or regain, our Constitutional Religious Liberty.
C-MMMangasarian14.jpg The Lost Treasures of M. M. Mangasarian Price: $24.95
An ex-Presbyterian minister, he rose out of that church and then out of Christianity to become the leading Rationalist voice of Chicago. He could not be silenced while alive and we will not allow him to be silenced now. His deep wisdom is desperately needed today. We proudly present this collection of 114 rare Freethought lectures delivered in Chicago between 1912 and 1916 by this powerful Rationalist orator. Includes the books that made his name famous in American Freethought circles.
CD-FTDirectory2003.jpg Freethought Directory 2003 CD Price: $12.00
By Atheist Alliance International.
Lists local freethought groups throughout the world, with complete contact and meeting details where available. It also contains comprehensive information about national and international organizations, annual conventions, First Amendment attorneys, speakers, and many categories of freethought enterprises.
1870 Tribute to Thomas Paine - CD Price: $9.95
60 minutes ~ read by Michael Scott Earl
Excerpt: "Paine denied the authority of bibles and creeds; this was his crime, and for this the world shut the door in his face, and emptied its slops upon him from the windows. I challenge the world to show that Thomas Paine ever wrote one line, one word in favor of tyranny - in favor of immorality; one line, one word against what he believed to be for the highest and best interest of mankind; one line, one word against justice, charity, or liberty, and yet he has been pursued as though he had been a fiend from hell."
CD-Jesuits.jpg The Jesuits CD Price: $24.95
It is amazing that an international organization of regimented priests, with allegiance to no nation, and a notorious history of political intrigue and corruption, is able - under the guise of religion - to freely associate, advise, influence and infiltrate the governments of the world. Knowing the history of the Jesuits; their methods, political morals and stated purpose, makes us aware of the danger we are in. It explains the corruption of the clearly stated intentions of the U.S. Constitution, and the loss of our civil liberties; it explains international terrorism and the wars, always along the lines of dead religions. America has a moral obligation to the world, to our friends and to our enemies - and our enemies to us - to investigate, expose, neutralize and render politically null, all secret societies, religious or not, that have international connections and sectarian political ambitions. It is only after these 'friendly" enemies have been neutralized that we can hope to find peace and understanding in the world.
Click on picture for complete listing of contents.
CD-Ingersoll.jpg The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll CD-ROM Price: $24.95
The complete 12-volume Dresden Edition of The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, plus 5 additional rare Ingersoll books.
R.G. Ingersoll was a powerful 'thought leader' in America in the 1880s. He championed such causes as civil rights, women's suffrage, and freethought. His appearances in cities all across America inspired generations of social action and change. In these books you will find the thoughts that changed our modern world.
Recorded on CD-ROM and distributed by long-time Freethought publisher Emmett Fields.
Requires Adobe Acrobat software for use on the computer.
C-WomanHerstory.gif Woman: Her History CD 13 Price: $24.95
There are 34 Rare Books on this CD-ROM. (Note: This is NOT an audio CD!) The history of women is the history of civilization. Those societies where women are suppressed, and held in subjugation, do not advance as do those where women are equal to men, and can have a civilizing influence. To advance, women must understand the forces that hold her back; the religion she embraces is often the greatest obstacle to her progress. Several of the books on this disc are on the "controversial" books list of the Library of Congress.
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