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We are EvolveFISH (Freethinkers in Service to Humanity)! Representing Atheists, Humanists, Scientists, Skeptics, People of Reason and a vision of the future that is brighter for all people! Our goal is to counter the destructive aspects of religious zealotry and rampant unreason. We seek to peddle rationality and promote peace. Our products are great to start conversations, find like minded friends, flag fellow freethinkers and even tip off another atheist in the office or at school to find out that you are NOT alone! Remember that even little FISH can start BIG waves! Use our products to help you make an impact in this world. We have but one life, why not seek to make it one filled with happiness, tolerance, reason and good cheer? That's what we here at EvolveFISH.com believe and we hope you'll join us in that mission!

History & Outlook:

The year was 1993. The sleepy Hamlet of Colorado Springs, Colorado, was awakening to a growing threat to its civil liberties. The favorable tax laws had appealed to many in the religious community, and the Springs had become a Mecca for so called "mega-churches" such as Focus on the Family.

Not willing to sit idly by, Gary Betchan and Rebecca Hale headed up a local Freethinker group. To raise funds to help promote progressive activities, science, and rational legislation, they put forth a single product: the EvolveFISH car emblem. Symbolizing evolution with the monkey wrench in it’s highly evolved hand, the emblem quickly caught on as more and more people grew weary of seeing Jesus fish and other Christian symbols plastered on the backs of vehicles. This emblem allowed those without a way to express themselves to finally do so.

Fast forward two decades later, and you’ll find much more besides the original emblem on our website! We’ve expanded our inventory to include thousands of products to help the rational, Freethinking community express itself and stand up for its rights. Displaying our buttons, stickers, magnets, emblems, shirts, and jewelry not only communicates that you have a different set of beliefs, but encourages those who have been timid and shy to do the same! This gives you the opportunity to help educate, inform, and empower others.

Of course, Gary and Rebecca are still active in their local Freethought Group, and Rebecca is now the President of the American Humanist Association. They are always striving to promote reason and equality, ideals that runs rampant through EvolveFISH.com .

We are a small business that employs, on average, about 6 people. Our employees are passionate and dedicated to the same causes that our products espouse, and you will often find them volunteering with freethinking and progressive groups in their free time.

When you support EvolveFISH.com , you allow us to continue to fight injustice and strive for equal rights for all. A considerable amount of the money we make in sales actually makes it's way back into the freethought community. We donate to many different causes, support atheist conventions/rallies all around the country and are always looking for ways to help even the smallest band of free and progressive thinkers. We know that we have the best customers in the world, and thank each and every one of you for your continued support!

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