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"Purchases by visitors from the American Humanist website profit the AHA directly! Know that 10% of the *gross* proceeds goes directly to the AHA! To learn more about this organization and how it helps advocate progressive values and equality for humanists, atheists, and freethinkers, visit their ""About Us"" page here. Also be sure to check out the Science Toys for Kids Page here. Science toys are a great way to encourage the development of young rational minds ! "

T-ForHumanistsEarthVLG.png For Humanists Everyday is Earth Day T-Shirt (Dark) Price: $18.66 For Humanists Everyday is Earth Day T-Shirt (Dark)
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"For Humanists... Every day is Earth Day" Humanists know that the only ones responsible for the stewardship of our precious planet is US - Human beings. It is both a daunting task and incredible privilege. Lets not squander it! Image pressed in vinyl on a dark colored Cotton shirt Click the image for a closer look!
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T-ForHumanistsEarth.png For Humanists Everyday is Earth Day T-Shirt (Light) Price: $18.66
"For Humanists... Every day is Earth Day" Humanists know that the only ones responsible for the stewardship of our precious planet is US - Human beings. It is both a daunting task and incredible privilege. Lets not squander it! Image printed on a light colored Poly/Cotton shirt Click the image for a closer look!
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Humanists Are Good Without God atheist non-believer godless sticker Humanists Are Good Without God 6" x 4" sticker Price: $2.00
Humanists Are Good Without God 6" x 4" sticker. Ethics and morals aren't derived from relationships with imaginary beings, as millions of Humanists and other non-believers will happily attest. And with the rapid growth of Humanism and atheism in 21st century America, maybe the end of fundamentalism is just around the corner! (here's hoping....)
Q-HumanistInside.gif Humanist Inside Vinyl Cut-Out Sticker Price: $5.00
Humanist Inside Cut-Out Vinyl Sticker. This 5" stylized sticker spells out your beliefs! You can be a Humanist inside your car, house, office, or any of your other traveled to places!
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M-HumanistTie.png Humanist Neck Tie Price: $18.00
Humanist Neck Tie. These high-quality ties feature a line of four happy Humanists in silver. This is always a great conversation starter, as the Humanist symbol is still little-known in the USA. Your other dinner guests will be intrigued when you start to tell them about Humanism! Tie available in black or blue.
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B-ImGood.png I'm Good Without God button Price: $2.00
New Support Science not Superstition DNA Helix t-shirt shirt atheist religious Support Science DNA Helix t-shirt Price: $20.00 Support Science DNA Helix t-shirt
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Support Science DNA Helix t-shirt. This DNA Helix is flying right at you with an in your face message "Support Science, Not superstition!"
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M-AHLicensePlate.gif American Humanist License Plate Price: $15.00
Here's a great way to show your support for the American Humanist Association. The license plate is made of aluminum and is ready to mount on your car. (Note: the following states are the only ones that do not officially require a front plate - AL, AZ, AR, DE, FL, GA, IN, KS, KY, LA, MI, MS, NM, NC, OK, PA, SC, TN, and WV.)
humanist born again atheist agnostic belief bible baptist recovering thinking christian good without god Born Again Humanist Price: $2.00
Born Again Humanist Sticker. This one is sure to make people think - and maybe even encourage them to ask questions! A great conversation starter into the wonderful world of Humanism. Dimensions: 3.5" x 7.5".
T-DarwinDSanimated.png Darwin Fish Double Sided Support 400 T-Shirt Price: $19.23
**Limited Sizes** This shirt has the popular small Darwin fish logo on the front left chest. The back says: "SUPPORT THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION. 400 BILLION AMPHIBIANS CAN'T BE WRONG!" The black version comes with a silver design and text, while the white comes with black design and text.
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B-WhyBelieve.gif Why Believe In A God? button Price: $2.00
Why Believe In A God? button. Why let religion spoil the holiday season? It's a good question all of you Freethinkers should be asking, so wear this button with pride, and may we be the first to wish you a merry Christ-less! Diameter: 2-1/4"
S-HumBeyondBel.png Humanists are Beyond Belief Sticker Price: $2.00
Humanists are Beyond Belief Sticker. A popular request from our Humanist customers and friends, we are happy to offer this sticker. Proudly exclaim that you are dogma free! Dimensions: 2.5" x 10.5".
M-GodLessAmericaPlate.jpg God Less America License Plate Price: $9.00
This is a popular modification of the tired old "god bless America" rallying cry of religious bigots and hatemongers. Simply by placing a round "not sign" over the letter "B" we have miraculously transformed it into a positive statement about the direction the country should rise toward. This is a standard size US auto license plate with holes for mounting screws. In some states, it is legal to NOT display an official plate on the front of your car. In those states, this plate can proudly adorn the front of your car. Some people display these beneath their regulation plate, but you better have a big car to allow that. And the plate also makes a great display anywhere in your office or home. We also offer this design as a 2x3 inch Magnet
S-dontbelievejoin.jpg Don't believe in God Join the club sticker
In the fall of 2010 the advertising campaign of non-believer groups continues. The sticker is model on an billboard and TV ad campaign run by the American Humanist Association. You can learn more about this effort by Clicking Here . Or you can order your own Mini-Billboard to share with your family, friends and, if you choose, neighbors.
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Price $2.00 $1.50
E-Humanist.png Happy Humanist Emblem Price: $6.00 Happy Humanist Emblem
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This is the classic Happy Humanist emblem in silver coated plastic, with a strip of sticky tape embedded on the back. This design is also available in a vinyl cutout sticker and lots of other products! Dimensions: approx. 4" x 2".
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Q-HumanistBk.gif Happy Humanist Vinyl Cut-Out Sticker Price: $4.00
Here is the Happy Humanist symbol! Smooth, attractive, rational and certainly a lot more appealing than the Christian cross torture device.
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T-CheesusChrustFrnBk.png Cheesus Chrust Pizza Shirt Price: $24.00
Limited availability of long-sleeve.Cheesus Crust Pizza! A taste so good people will worship it! This shirt has just the right blend of mockery and innocence to make your point without getting your christian audience too outraged. After all, it's just pizza!
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T-AHAReligiousRight.png AHA Religious Right T-shirt Price: $20.00
"Does the Religious Right have you scared to speak your mind?" This shirt is a great attention getter! When you purchase this shirt you are supporting the American Humanist Association. A Voice for Progressive Values in America.
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Bias Against Atheist is Naughty Shirt Price: $22.00
Here is the image made popular by American Humanist's billboard campaign. It shows a kindly Santa Claus keeping his list, but like Jesus. We can put this image on shirts from Small to 5Xlarge in a variety of colors.
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T-WhyBelieveGod.png Why Believe In A God? t-shirt Price: $20.00
Why Believe In A God? t-shirt. Why indeed! Here is the t-shirt of the American Humanist Association's new 'bus billboard' campaign. This pale blue with navy trim 'ringer' t-shirt features bold green 'n' red text, and is decorated with five seasonal snowflakes. (Women's style does not have navy trim.) Wear this, and you are guaranteed to start some interesting conversations! Choose your size from the drop-down menu.
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Bias Against Atheist is Naughty Magnet Price: $3.90
Here is the image made popular by American Humanist's billboard campaign on a MAGNET (3inches X 2 inches) It shows kindly Santa Claus keeping his list, but like Jesus.
Charles Darwin Fish shirt, Darwinfish, Darwin fish, fish legs, darwin design, evolve fish, evolveFISH, science fish T-Shirt nat Darwin Fish Single-Sided T-Shirt Price: $18.00 Darwin Fish Single-Sided T-Shirt
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Here's a big, bold 'in-ya-face' version of the classic Darwin Fish T-shirt! Available in metallic silver lettering on a black shirt, or black lettering on white shirt.
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Equal Rights Not Special Civil Human Rights Button Equal Rights Are Not Special Rights button Price: $2.00
Equal Rights Are Not Special Rights Button.
Dia: 1-1/2" (3.8cm)
B-MindsParachutes.gif Minds Are Like Parachutes Button Price: $2.00
Minds Are Like Parachutes Button.
Dia: 1-1/2" (3.8cm). Freethought button.
B-HatredNotFamily.gif Hatred Is Not A Family Value Button Price: $2.00
Well this button says it all! Promote tolerance with this colorful button which measures 1.25".
B-ThoseIgnoreHis.gif Those Who Ignore History Button Price: $2.00
Those Who Ignore History... button.
This message is also available on a Sticker.
Diameter: 1-3/4" (4.5cm). Political antiWar button.
EvolveFISH car emblem Evolve fish darwin fish atheist auto plaque car emblem  Evolve fish auto emblem freethought humanist Evolve Fish Silver Emblem Price: $6.00 Evolve Fish Silver Emblem
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EvolveFISH! As a car emblem, its available in plastic, or metal with chrome plating ($13 more) , two different sizes and with a tape attachment or a small magnet backing. Plus we offer the design on caps, stickers and more. sticker format, also a cap, a vinyl cut-out sticker and also a lapel pin

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science emblem darwin fish science fish atheist fish sticker car plaque science badge emblem plaque atheist science Science Fish Emblem Price: $7.00 Science Fish Emblem
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Here's a Science fish for those of us who have evolved way beyond our earthly realm. The Science emblem has rocket fins to help steer him during his warp-speed journey to the stars. Without science we'd still be eating raw meat, sleeping in caves and reading Bibles. Dimensions: approx. 5-1/4" x 2-1/2"
AmericanFreethinker.jpg American Freethinker Pin Price: $7.00
A representation of an American flag with the words "American Freethinker". The pin is approximately 1 inch (2.5cm) long, gold-plated with cloisonne enamel finish. Suitable for display on a jacket, bag, cap or wherever. Lets you demonstrate that NON-believers can be patriotic too.
Darwin emblem plaques car emblem darwin fish atheist emblem Darwin Fish Emblems (car plaques) Price: $8.50 Darwin Fish Emblems (car plaques)
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The classic Darwin Fish 5" x 2" emblems (car plaques) come with 2-way tape for mounting on cars or other smooth surfaces. For a removable design, purchase our magnetic backing.  See our Darwin T-shirts!

K-GoodWOGod.jpg Can We Be Good Without God? Price: $22.00
By Dr. Robert Buckman, M.D.
Subtitled "Behaviour, Belonging and the Need to Believe," this work affirms that decency and ethics can exist independently of religion. Dr. Buckman explores the science behind belief and how it operates within the limbic system. A fascinating read. Hardcover, 274 pages.
K-FuneralsWOGod.jpg Funerals Without God: A Practical Guide to Non-Religious Funerals Price: $14.00
By Jane Wynne Willson.
A practical guide to non-religious funerals.
Booklet, 59 pages.
Parenting Beyond Belief atheist agnostic godless children Dale McGowan Parenting Beyond Belief Price: $17.95
In Parenting Beyond Belief, Dale McGowan celebrates the freedom that comes with raising kids without formal indoctrination and advises parents on the most effective way to raise freethinking children. In the age of creeping, invasive fundamentalism, this great book is more relevant than ever! 290 pages.
Humanism for Parents Parenting Without Religion atheists agnostics godless Sean P Curley Humanism for Parents - Parenting Without Religion Price: $12.95
Humanism for Parents - Parenting Without Religion. By some estimates, over 1 billion people in the world are non-religious (humanist/secular/atheist) yet we base many of our parenting techniques and traditions on religion. This terrific little book outlines how non-believing parents can have rites, rituals, and practices needed for a healthy, spiritually fulfilled family - without God, Jesus, bibles and other destructive religious indoctrination.
Paperback - 87 pages.
K-UniteAndConquer.gif Unite and Conquer Price: $16.95
By Kyrsten Sinema. Foreward By Janet Napolitano. Legislator Sinema shows how the future of the progressive movement is to be found in unity, alignment and partnership. Sinema's no-nonsense, concrete approach shows that we can work together for change when we let go of specific outcomes and focus on shared values. Paperback - 192 pages.
B-OhCome.gif O Come Let Us Ignore Him button Price: $2.00
O Come Let Us Ignore Him button. Here's one for disgruntled carol singers everywhere! In festive red, white and green, you can wear this xmas dissident's button with pride. Diameter: 2-1/4"
The Portable Atheist Christopher Hitchens agnostic freethinker freethought The Portable Atheist Price: $17.50
The Portable Atheist - Christopher Hitchens. "Religion invents a problem where none exists, by describing the wicked as also made in the image of god and the sexually nonconformist as existing in a state of incurable mortal sin that can incidentally cause floods and earthquakes." The readings Hitchens chooses to bolster his argument are indeed engaging and important. Hobbes, Spinoza, Mill and Marx are some of the heavyweights representing a philosophical viewpoint. From the world of literature the author assembles excerpts from Shelley, Twain, Conrad, Orwell and Updike. What these dynamic writers are railing against is a strawman: an immature, fundamentalist, outdated, and even embarrassing style of religion that many intelligent believers have long since cast off.
Paperback - 499 pages.
Lucy The Beginnings Of Humankind Donald Johanson Maitland Edey origin of species charles darwin fossil record bones Lucy: The Beginnings Of Humankind - paperback Price: $16.95
Lucy: The Beginnings Of Humankind. At around three and a half million years old, Lucy blew the top off of the anthropology community when Donald Johanson discovered her fossilized remains in 1974. Click the image to find out more!
K-WhyPeople_2.jpg Why People Believe Weird Things Price: $16.00
By Michael Shermer.
With this no-holds-barred assault on popular myths and prejudices, a science historian debunks psychobabble and extraordinary, nonsensical claims. 25 illustrations. Shows how the eternal search for meaning and spiritual fulfillment often results in our thinking being led astray by incredible claims and controversial ideas.
Revised Edition: Paperback, 349 pages.
B-HappyHumanist.png Happy Humanist Button Price: $2.00
B-feministhumanist.gif AHA Feminist Caucus Button Price: $2.00
This 1.25" button proudly displays the image of the Feminist Caucus for the American Humanist Association. It is interesting in that the image incorporates both the symbol for humanism as well as the symbol for "female" or "feminine." Click the image for more info on this organization! And click here to visit their website.
M-HapHumCarFlag.gif Happy Humanist Car Flag Price: $12.00
This attractive Happy Humanist Flag is available as both a car flag and a pennant flag. Great for that next march, or to drive around in style! Flag measures 11.25" x 14.75" and comes with your choice of plastic pole for car or wooden pole for pennant.
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