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About EvolveFISH

EvolveFISH is an enterprise based in Colorado that is dedicated to countering the destructive aspects of religious zealotry. We create and gather enlightened symbols and materials and advertise these products online, focusing on areas where zealots are trying to usurp the freedoms of the targets of their bigotry.

EvolveFISH has survived 18 years of battling the evangelical fundamentalist religious right. We can't claim to have won, but we are still here and proud to be out of the closet!

We appreciate your business. Your purchases keep us going here in the crazy fundamentalist town of Colorado Springs, which is home to the New Life Church and Focus on The Family!

Way back in 1993, when we started, many thought we were reactionary crazies and that no one would take the creationist, or intelligent design folks, seriously. Sadly, we were right. The lunatics are gradually taking over the American asylum. Unfortunately, the human species pays more attention to fear and emotion, than to logic. So the idea of living again with a god, after you die, is very tough to give up. There is truth to the old saying, "fear sells. Are you buying?" Now is the time, for all of us rational folks, to be afraid, as the real nut jobs are at the helm.

Buy from us so we can continue to support progressive folks and ideals. Help others be brave by putting a sticker on your car, a button on your shirt, a shirt on your chest, and a magnet on your fridge, locker door, and computer case or file cabinet! And know it is our priority to provide you with items that make jobs for Americans by purchasing items that are made in the United States. Our goal is to have at least 95% of our merchandise be "Made in the USA." When every aspect of a product is made in America, it will be duly noted as "100% made in the USA." We would love this to be the case for everything we sell here. Unfortunately, because some things are just not made in the US, certain components of an item may not be made in our country. In these circumstances, we will assign it a percentage, like "95% made in the USA."

Since it's important for us to set this standard, we constantly search for things made here. If we offer something that is not made in the USA, and you know of a vendor in America that offers the same thing, please let us know about it!You'll find that you'll make more friends than enemies and you will feel empowered again!

If you want to know more, you can e-mail, or give us a call. Real people answer the phones during regular business hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, Mountain Time.

We are actively involved with many atheist, freethought and humanist groups. Follow the link to view a list:

Click HERE to see some pictures of us and our office.

E-mail: Order105 at EvolveFISH dot com

Phone and FAX: 1-800-Evolving (1-800-386-5846)

International, local and "you pay" calls: 719-570-9887

FAX : 719-570-9886

Mailing Address:
Box 26523
Colorado Springs
CO 80936

Charles Darwin on religion:
"I can hardly see how anyone ought to wish Christianity to be true: for if so the plain language of the text seems to show that the men who do not believe, and this would include my Father, Brother, and almost all of my best friends, will be everlastingly punished. And this is a damnable doctrine."

I have seen several discussions of the Darwin FISH, its history, and what it means. I think this one might be about the best:

"Good hearing from you. You're right. There are lots of good stories to be told about the Evolution of the FISH image. Its origin as an ancient symbol for love (and the pubic region), its usurpation by a Roman cult as a secret signal... Its abandonment in favor of a symbol denoting pain and death. Thousands of years of languishing in symbol limbo.
Then to be resurrected..!!! Raised from the dead in the 20th century... as a consumer product!!! Spreading across the face of a thundering religious rebirth like a cosmic smile...!!! And between its lips, it says the word Jesus, or IXOYE, or Lord.
Then the Word is changed. It says heaven, or Peace, or Love. Then comes Savior, Save and SALE... During this process, a heretical tradition develops and flowers in the form of Scientists named Copernicus, Pasteur and Darwin. The "pain and death symbol"-crowd are enraged. They murder and shun the heretics. But still they continue to assert their heretical "REASON".
Decades pass with Science and Reason holding sway. Then the Pain and Death crowd charge back..!! Creationism and prayers are forced into schools. Public treasurers pay the approved preacher, and heretics are suspected and shunned, and murdered if they practice their medicine in the Wrong Way.
About this time some people get annoyed. A graphics artist adds feet and the name of Darwin to the FISH. The P & D crowd are pissed. It makes them MAD... But lots of other people see it as a symbol of noble and necessary resistance. THESE people rally get to IT and hold it up for others to see. They talk about it and answer questions and say YES... I support REASON. I Support Science. I DO NOT support fear or superstition or hatred or prejudice..!!!
And people replace the Word again and again. DARWIN is replaced by Gefilte, and Science, EVOLVE, and DINNER. People come together in secret and share these symbols. They send them to their fathers and daughters, buy them for professors, doctors and scientists. They display them on autos, backpacks, file cabinets and refrigerators."

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