Wholesale order pricing for retailers and non-profit groups... Effective January, 2011

In order to get wholesale prices from us, you need to:

1. Place your order for more than $100 (retail price) from our web site. We define wholesale purchases as buying 5 or more of several items. We do not consider an order for 1 each of 50 items to be a real wholesale order, and will not discount these products.

Add a comment such as: "Please apply wholesale discount to this order," so we know what we are going to do for you.

3. If there is a particular date you MUST have the order delivered by, please let us know.

Payment is required via credit card or check before shipment.

5. On your first order, if requested, we will email you a copy of the wholesale work sheet showing the discounts for each item you requested. We will wait for your approval before charging and shipping the order.

Wholesale orders MUST be placed ONLINE at EvolveFISH.com or TheLiberalStore.com. Orders phoned, faxed, or emailed will be subject to an extra $20.00 handling fee. No exceptions!

7. We do not require a signature on the receipt of orders under $100. We do require insurance on order over $90 and bill accordingly.

8. If we make a mistake on charging or processing you order, we will issue a credit, or reship the order, to correct the error.

Returned items may be subject to a restocking fee.

EvolveFISH products can help express who we are as individuals and as a group. They can also generate money for your organization. Most importantly, you’ll let others know they ARE NOT ALONE!

Tabling is a great way to promote ideals of secularism and human-based ethics.

We've made it easy as ever to spread the word and make money for your organization!

Choose from 3 ready-made packages to sell at your next event!



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These are our current wholesale discount rates:

50% off ...Bumper stickers -
50% off ...Buttons -
50% off ...Flags (3' x 5') -
50% off ...Humanist and Evolve Jewelry ($7 retail) -
30% off ...Magnets -
30% off ...Banners and Pennant Flags -
30% off ...Mints -
30% off ...Mugs -
30% off ...Other Jewelry -
30% off ...Patches -
30% off ...Posters -
30% off ...Screen-Printed T-Shirts -
30% off ...Window stickers -

0% off ...Books -
(Sorry, NO DISCOUNTS on books.)

50% off ...Emblems -
(Excluding: FSM, Pirate, and T-Rex.)

30% off ...Vinyl stickers -
(Vinyl Stickers are hand-made and extremely labor-intensive!)

Please note: Actual discounts may vary slightly.

We will send a spreadsheet with correct calculations for your review before we ask for payment information.

For many people “coming out” as an atheist, agnostic or humanist can be a challenge. Because of dogma and fear, some may worry about the consequences of being a non-believer. So it is important to balance the weight of the message with the sensitivity of the audience. One’s level of confidence and willingness to offend must be taken considered. EvolveFISH wants to help to make it work for all. We have packages that give you and/or your organization an opportunity to purchase merchandise, catering to all degrees of expression, at half price. We hand-picked our most popular items to make it easy. Communicate gently with the extremely popular “Coexist” sticker, or get a laugh with the “Top Ten Reasons Why Beer is Better than Jesus” sticker! Buttons are great conversation starters. You can be recognized by fellow atheists with the atheist NEW logo button, or strike up a debate in the grocery store line with the “Have you threatened your children with eternal damnation” button!


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